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    GEN VI: WCC Pachirisu

    Hi, people, I am looking for this Dragon Tamer, if you guys have this little One, let me know and We can make a good trade
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    GEN VI: Need some EVENTS

    I have Keldeo and Genesect for you.
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    GEN VI: Central Kalos Pokexex fillers

    Send me a list and I will help you.
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    US Diancie Codes

    I want One!
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    GEN VI: Need Diancie code trade for Legends and 5 Ivs

    I have Frokie, growlite, phamtup, chadelure, vulpix with drought, charmander, kanghaskan, snivy, and more, name what you want and I go search my boxes for your code. I dont have competitive Legends.
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    GEN VI: Need Diancie code trade for Legends and 5 Ivs

    Hi, everybody, I need a Diancie code for a friend that can't get one in the stores. I have all legendary, some pokes from events, Ability Capsule and 5 IV pokes. So help me to give this gift to my friend.
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    Diancie codes for trade

    I would love one.
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    Event Gengar

    I want one if you still have it.
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    GEN VI: LF Some legendaries FT Legendaries + events + mega stones

    @JewelsVerne I have every Legends, some UT, included the Regiice and rock. Do you have na event pikachu or Diancie to trade?
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    The next Gen VI WiFi Event??

    Darkrai will be the next wi fi event to those who pre order the ticket for the next movie .
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    Dan's Pokedex filling breeding and offering thread

    Dan, I need the follow pokemons: . Bunnelby - Huge Power . Chimchar - Iron Fist . Fennekin - Magician . Bagon - Sheer Force I can offer a Keldeo, Genesect and Charizardite X.
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    GEN VI: HA flechling

    I have one to spare with good IVs and adamant. I already complete my dex so offer what you like in return, but if you have some vivilions or scatterbug different from modern feel free to offer!
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    Offering Event, Legendary and Shiny Pokemon

    Remi, I am online now. My FC 1719-4516-1502
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    Offering Event, Legendary and Shiny Pokemon

    Rayquaza shiny, Arceus, Victiny, Darkrai and bulbassaur.