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  • My main beef is that the EXP shares aren't divided, they provide the whole package. Why so casual, Game Freak? Why make an easy RPG even easier?
    Instead he humiliates it with Mega Lizardon X, makes it get on its knees and chucks a Hyper Ball at it. :p

    I actually liked the original version of Legend of Thunder. Sort of sucks they really didn't do anything more with the characters and excluded Silver, but at least a male PC besides Red got spotlight in the anime.
    Sup! I'm doing fine. As for The Origins, I've watched it a few days ago, and I'm currently writing up my thoughts on it for a cross-post between my anime blog (my sig) and my BMGf blog. Stay tuned for it. I wasn't entirely satisfied with it, but I did like how they handled the Pokemon Tower story.
    It's solely for my manga adaptation project. Anime Fuji and Game Fuji are different characters to begin with, separating the two characters in my canon is a good way to stay faithful to the Shudo story and avoid discrepancies with the games at the same time (that is, if XY expands the story with a new organization or whatever; doesn't have to be Flare Gang). Unlike the anime, I'm adapting the Pokemon Tower plot, so making Mr. Fuji as a separate character is still a good idea either way. If there are version differences that causes Mewtwo's awakening to diverge into two different branches, and if the anime writers actually cared about their continuity, they would have done the same instead of what they ended up doing. Saying faithful to the original Mewtwo anime saga and bridging the two Gen VI game versions together is the best way an adaptation could make two Mewtwo work. If version differences call for it, that will be the only time I would consider adding a second Mewtwo to my manga plot - and unlike the anime, my scenario actually makes sense and respects Shudo's character.

    I support any type of element that would expand on Game Mewtwo's story. Again, we don't know what GameFreak's going to do right now with the Mewtwo forms. XY hasn't come out - the movie gave us 0% knowledge of what Mewtwo's "X" form could do, and the second form hasn't been revealed yet. For all we know the execution could be amazing. The anime writers ruined Anime Mewtwo - I'd like to believe GameFreak won't let me down in terms of Game Mewtwo.
    Not at all. Her backstory is a boring version of the old Mewtwo's story, without the tragedy and intrigue.

    It's a completely unrelated clone of Mew made by completely different scientists (characters of which we hardly know anything about besides that "they're evil"). Which makes no sense. I could understand if it were a different species of Mew that just happened to be called Mewtwo due to having no knowledge of a Mewtwo existing before that (but the one we got is the same aside from the form changing, which is dumb). Or if they were somehow aware of Fuji's Mewtwo and called the Takashima MewClone Mewthree.

    Look at Silktree's suggested scenario in my visitor messages. That makes sense and is something I'll do in my manga adaptation if the version differences of XY make Mewtwo awaken in two different ways.
    I hope he does, actually. Some of the fans here are accepting the movie simply because the fight scenes look/sound cool, even if they don't like the new Mewtwo. At least in Japan they're reasonably angry about it.
    It's hard to believe - but they were both wrriten by Sonoda. Yuyama the director, however, is the person I think should be blamed the most for the staggering quality of the films and anime.

    I highly suspect him to be the higher-up that kept Shudo from practicing his creativity back in the day. It's sickening.
    Honestly, if one writer of Pokemon Special can pull off a nice story that adheres to continuity, then there's no excuse for a team of writers not being capable of including concepts done in the style of Takeshi Shudo by directly referencing its past. They have everything there set up nicely for them - we have untapped memories of Aitwo, its relationship with Satoshi, its travels around the world - replace the new Mewtwo with the shoehorned backstory and they would have pulled off the Mewtwo vs. Genesect conflict better than what they ended up doing. I can't believe these are the same people that produced the wonderful Lucario movie.
    Lugia in the movie had absolutely nothing to do with Houou or the towers though, nor is it supposed to have any type of relationship with the legendary birds. Game!Lugia only fled to the seas because it wanted to hide from humans after its tower had burned down. None of its anime versions had that backstory. Honestly, the only legendary that was remotely similar to its game story was the first Mewtwo, and even then that took liberties by adding a Rocket Gang relation and making their own Dr. Fuji character (which all turned out to be quite interesting additions), Maybe even Zekrom and Reshiram too; you can probably include Grouden and Kyogre as well if the anime verision of that plot wasn't so craptastic. So nobody should really take the promotional anime materials into account when it comes to the games - GF might be able to do what the anime writers didn't.

    The games Mewtwo will supposedly have two new forms, the second reportedly is supposed to make it look closer to its untainted parent more than the first. If they pull it off correctly, we'll get a nice story where Mewtwo overcomes its past experiment with Dr. Fuji, in which it was altered as a baby Mew and became feral. These forms don't have to be pure gimmicks, it's only that way if the writers choose it to be so. And considering that the people in charge of the game scenario added allusions to Dr. Fuji in Emerald's view event, I have hope that he won't go ignored in XY. I don't support altering the original legendaries much, but as long as they don't do it just cuz, I'm not gonna complain.
    Well, to be quite honest, the problem right now solely belongs to the anime Mewtwo, which the anime writers are in charge of. They could have easily made the new forms more interesting and didn't have to follow the games all that much (if they *are*. I mean, was Lugia from "Revelation Lugia" anything like the Gold and Silver Lugia?).

    Gaining a new power, after going through his development from the few three parts of his story and traversing the world, and maybe putting his life in danger to save his buddy Satoshi, which unlocks the ability (via something similar to a zenkai boost from Dragon Ball)? Fully regaining his memories of Aitwo and his other clone friends, and therefore fully regaining his original sense of self that he lost when he was tranquilized by the scientists, receiving his new form as a result? There are many interesting ways they could have gone about it, but instead they went with a new character that no one really knows nor cares about.

    The game Mewtwo could go either way. I'm hoping Game Freak does it justice by giving significance to the new forms, such as it overcoming its past and anger. Will Mr. Fuji make an appearance in XY? That's what I want to find out. As silly as the new form may look at first, as long as they make its story even more intriguing, I don't mind.

    Have you watched the special prologue episode, by the way? The female Mewtwo is very much a rehash of the original Mewtwo without the depth and substance. We don't even know much about her other than the fact she begins with an attitude problem towards humans, which apparently disappears during the time of the movie if the trailers are any indication.
    A person in japan who caught a pre-sceening of the movie confirms that this Mewtwo and the one we know are different characters.
    Those were from the upcoming prequel special for the movie.

    In the end, no matter how cool this new Mewtwo turns out to be, I won't ever be able to appreciate the fact that they didn't just simply use the one that was already there in canon, with the same familiar voice it always had. The dialogue in the prologue trailer seems to indicate that they're going to rehash Mewtwo's old existential crisis, and they're going to wrap it up in the span of one special. So... in the end, whether or not this is a different Mewtwo or not, we're in for some more BS from the writers.

    Such a missed opportunity to do a special service to the conclusion of the original Mewtwo's story arc...Why couldn't they have just done that instead? Do the writers really have no idea how much of a good Mewtwo character Takeshi Shudo created for the anime? That's one thing the anime actually trumps the Special manga with - Mewtwo! It trumped it so much that the author for Special incorporated aspects from the anime version when the manga version made a reappearance - down to the ability to speak and the badass boasts, and many, many fun references to Strikes Back.
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