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  • Thank you for the Togetic and enjoy the Aron :)

    Sorry for not saying anything earlier, my VM got deleted which is kind of weird 0.o
    I don't currently have a Genesect handy so I can't exactly help you at the moment >.< I can however trade you your Aron right now. I'll double check that I have you in my friends list.
    Sorry, I'll be available to trade all day today. If it makes it easier, maybe you could deposit something common on the GTS and ask for a female Aron and add in that you want the Hidden Ability in the notes? If you get sniped and get one that's great, but if not I'll find it and trade you mine. If you do decided to do that please do let me know all the details of the Pokemon so it'd be easier to find.
    Sorry, I wasn't really on Bulbapedia today. I'll try to catch you online Wednesday my time, sorry for the wait :(
    What timezone are you? I'm PST (GMT-8 if I remember correctly). I'll be around today from 1:30pm-4:30pm today (Monday) and almost all day Tuesday my time.
    Sorry about the late response, my FC is 0946 2243 9665 and my IGN is Tabor. And anything really, it's technically free (despite the fact that you have to trade me something as per how the game works haha)
    Have you received a demo code? I remember that you were hoping that South Asia would get access to codes, and there was a Facebook promotion today for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. I received a code from that promotion because I was not aware that it was only intended for those countries. So I'll be happy to give you the code if you live in one of those countries.
    Thanks Dolce! Got it all. I will just check the egg later as I'm still in the office. Sorry for the hassle and thank you very much!
    Oh hi. I was just about to go to bed too. xD But no it's Dolce, I'll get online.
    Looks like your 8:00 am is my 20:00 pm? So in that case I can do 8:00 am to 15:00 pm your time since that's 20:00 pm to 3:00 am for me. And if we don't see each other online, I can do the same time tomorrow, oh yeah my time is EST before I forget. But yes it was for the Exeggcute, and Eevee. :)
    Hi, was wanting to know if I could add you for Friend Safari

    FC- 2852-8477-5690
    NNID - Who Cares
    IGN- Time
    FS- Normal, Dunsparce, Minccino, Ditto
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