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  • Hey, listen, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Listen, I do respect what you have to say. I'm a bit offended, but I personally just disagree. Lately I just feel like my era of the anime has ended and it's long past time for me to move on from the anime. I just dislike the way the franchise is heading myself. Nothing against you or anyone who likes things the way they are now.
    Plus, I just don't like Touko's design. After Dogasu mentioned that she looked like Amy Winehouse, I couldn't unsee it.
    I just find it ironic now. :p
    Hi! I'm not posting this in the thread, because it could be infraction-worthy. And I don't wanna get another pointless post infraction. So I'll just post my reply here.

    Yes, the kids who watch the current show would be attached to the new voice cast. However, what you need to keep in mind is that they're kids. They will still watch Pokemon no matter what changes the dubbers make. They watch the show just because it's Pokemon.

    And the VA switch that happened in 2006 proves this. Yes, kids noticed the voice change. But that didn't stop them from watching Battle Frontier. So, like I said kids watch the show because it's Pokemon. And I'm sure they'd still watch even if another VA switch happened (not that it would, I'm just saying kids would still watch the show).
    FWAAAA. KETSU. Does you remember I ever existed, or do I have to reintroduce myself? D;
    I'm not preparing in the slightest. I'm not all that worried about 8th grade, it's for all intents and purposes the same thing as 7th.

    That, and I tend to procrastinate stuff to death.
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