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  • Hey! Hey you! You who vanishes and then occasionally pokes your beak back in but doesn't say hi! Message me when you see this! We need to chat again! :D
    As am I...I would probably be homeless if it was worse. *big hugs back* :)

    Hahaha Its all about the pay, huh? Well, we all need money...

    It will be a great step forward to move out with Kaitie to a totally different state. Talk about starting afresh, aye? I hope she gets it, for both of your sakes. :)
    Indeed! It could've been alot worse...

    Awesome! Well, reception is what you have experience in. Except now you get to deal with sickies!!

    Ah, well she doesnt live in Houston...but I know she goes to Houston a fair bit. If you have any questions about Texas, Im sure she'll be glad to answer them.
    Naaw thankyou! Well, he was able to go out last night, and drive, so I think hes fine.
    And congrats!! Where/what is it? :bounce:

    Well, Im not sure if she would want me saying where she is... :/
    They are shiny! And new! And confusing as hell for a while. :p

    Heh thanks, but I couldnt care less about my car atm...Im more worried about Andys leg.
    But thanks anyways, you're a big help' *big huggles back :ksmile:*
    Well thats good to know! What do you think of the new forums, aye?

    Well, he will be ok...Hes really sore atm...but nothing was broken...except my car.
    Wow, its bee forever since I spoke to you! Not that I wasnt trying, of course, but till, Im glad to see you're all good. :)
    Im a bit down atm...due to hitting my lil bro with my car yesterday... :/
    Jeez...sounds like Kaitie is alot like Jess...she does things simply because they're dangerous. I mean, why else would she go on a bus trip through gang territory?
    It could've ended alot worse...

    And my weekend was...exhausting. How was yours?
    Oh thats good. Coz I get confused alot. :p

    Ill tell her that. IT'll make her happy.

    Seriously? Machete weilding natives? In Mexico? What exactly was she doing there?!
    Oooh Now I feel like an idiot. :p
    I forgot your current puppy's name, but I knew it was a girl, so I kinda put 2 and 2 together and got 5...Im a freakin genius! :/

    Hehe Yeah, she sure is. I mean, Im a bit biased, but I reckon shes awesome.

    Oh jeez...5 months at a time is insane. I couldnt cope with that.
    Wait, what? Cassie is gone?? You never told me that! What happened?? D:>
    At least its gonna be a great new place to move into.

    And thankyou for being so nice to Jessi. She really likes you already, and seeing her so happy makes me happy too. :)

    I know exactly how you feel. Jess was planning on going to Bali for a week with her friends, and I honestly felt like Id be lost if she wasnt here.
    Ah, I felt the same way when we moved...that was the only house Id known. But, I managed. You'll be fine. :)

    Wow, that would be awesome, teaching in Spain. Would you go with her?

    Yeah...oh well, I dont mind her being here.

    You're most welcome! And thanks! :blush:
    Haha Well, thats further than our last move. Seriously, if I get on the roof of my house, I can see our old house. Its about 250m away. But, the block we moved to is x3 the size of any other block in the suburb, so its justified.

    Well thats great! So you and Kaitie finally have the means to move out, then? Id refrain from yelling your boss...at least until Kaitie has a new job. :p

    Oh, Amber moving is quite good. Ive always got along best with her than any of my other cousins. Shes the smartest one...and the closest to me, both in age and personality. However, the reason she's here is that she slept with her roommates boyfriend...which is not something Id do.

    Alright, well Ill hang onto the lil guys, and you just hit me up when you're ready. :D
    CHRISTIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!! HEY GIRL!! XD:spin::spin::spin:
    Oh wow, I wondered where you'd been. Moving house, aye? Are you moving far? And 22 years is a very long time to collect crap...its an ambitious move. :p
    Im glad your keeping busy, happy and healthy, though. Ill admit, I sure missed talking to you.
    I still have a crap-ton of version exclusive Pokemon here for you, if you wants them. If you do, let me know when you can trade. :D

    As for my life...well, Im still on the job market, except Ive been getting a fair few interviews recently. And, my younger cousin Amber has moved in with us. Other than that...not too much to report!
    Hows things with you and Kaitie?
    Hehe Aw thats alright. And I dont really need anything aside from the Pokemon...seeing as TMs are non-transferrable in this game, and I have alot of items.
    Ill take the hugs, though! :D
    Awesome! Well, yeah, I already bred a bunch of Oshawott, so you can have one. If there's any other Pokemon you want, I can help you out, too.
    Ah good, so you made it before it was totally empty. :) Thats good.
    Ah, awesome! So he's fully evolved?

    Well, we were gonna trade version exclusives. There's an in-game trade for Petilil/Cottonee, so I didnt bother catching one of those, but I did get Solosis, Rufflet, Throh, Oshawott and Shelmet, and Boldore and Gurdurr for evo trading.
    So, if you wanna catch a Sawk, Vullaby and Karrablast, and possibly breed me a Snivy, then catch 4 fodder, that should do it. :)
    Aw well you dont have to rush through. It all depends on how many people you want in your city. :D
    But yeah, it so caught me off guard to come face to face with some Lv. 65ish beast when my Beheeyem was only, like, Lv. 55. And he's my Sweeper.
    What starter did you choose again? Btw, I have about 6 Pokemon waiting to cross the Pacific...

    *big hugs back* :)
    Thanks Christine. I really appreciate your support. Not that Im trying to draw attention away from your friends loss, or anything.
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