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  • Thanks. I haven't gotten much done on the Pokemon front, but I might still be up for a battle.
    It probably does a little, but I wouldn't imagine as much as you'd think. I'd think that they'd rather hire one new, but competent person over a dozen people who have been here for years.
    Nope, it's not a paying job. But I really don't mind that. I've been a part of the RPG forums since I joined here a little over 2 years ago -- I'm glad I'm finally getting to play a part. Hopefully we can revive the place a bit...
    This weekend will probably be the best time because I started working for the summer this week. So internet time during the week days will be limited. And I'm glad your computer is alive again.
    Poorly, actually. ^_^;; I'm part of the staff, but I'm not a regular mod, so I'm not really sure how to carry out my job.
    I'm free today/tonight. As for the trade, you wouldn't happen to have a Croagunk would you? I suck at the Safari Zone and don't have Platinum so I can't just catch a wild one. If you don't then just make your own offer and I'll either accept or come up with something else, lol.

    Also, do you want me to trade you any particular Pokemon with the Dark Pulse TM or should I just put it on something common that you can release?
    No prob! Best of luck!

    Palmer keeps schooling me b/c my normalass team kind of blows. I read that a BoltBeam Starmie can sweep his entire team (both matches), so I need to get on that...just been too unmotivated to do much in the game lately, though.
    Kind of empty now that it's just being used so random people can have rematches with Gym Leaders. Master Kiyo seriously needs to get his butt back here so we can actually do stuff.
    For sure, dude. I'd be more than happy to discuss my team later, over battling. I'm using a laptop now, too, btw; so, I can respond a little faster than via phone.

    Yeah, the general impression I got was that it was an honest mistake, and some homosexuals get really militant about stuff (provided, I do understand that many have a legitimate reason to...and I would probably stick up for those people in real life instances, unless they're real assholes). People, in general, just need to get over it; everyone has shit to deal with and it sucks, but that's the way it goes, right? Hah.

    Anyway, catch ya later, man!
    Dude, I'll just lose again! I'm not a very good trainer...I'm more into filling out my entries (without [email protected]><). I only have 4-5 competitive worthy pokemon at the moment, and their movesets aren't even complete.
    Hahahaha, what a bunch of PC fascists! Granted, those kind of words do carry a pejorative meaning, but it's not like you were bashing homosexuals, rather the Gen V starters. If someone really wanted to correct you or felt offended, they should've simply PM'd you or something.

    I, for one, do not care what preference people have, but I'm so over watching my mouth...if I offend someone and they confront me, I'll probably feel bad and apologize sincerely. But, when someone is making a big fuss or blowing shit out of proportion, then fuck it. Homosexuals should realize that heterosexuals, by nature, find their interests to be a bit bizarre/funny/amusing, and the converse can be said as true. I'm sorry one side faces more discrimination, but it's not like we're all out to get you. Plus, shit-talking is so prevalent over the interweb that it seems so trivial that someone would try correct that. Gotta love the internet...anyway, what'd I come here for? Oh yeah, Pokemon!
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