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  • Haha, yeah. Porygon2 is my wall and dragon counter; I have no plans of evolving it to Porygon-Z. Man, that was funny that we both sent out physical Swords Dancers...mine was too slow, I should've brought my Miltank instead. XD

    btw, I gotta apologize...my whole team consists of normal-types (minus a Dragonite that I use in the Battle Frontier). It started out as a bad joke to play through my new game with all Normal, cute pkmn. Then, I realized it wouldn't seem fair online, so I plan on including a Furret and Wigglytuff to my team to balance it out.
    Hell yeah, exactly ('bout real life characters)! And, no worries; it's just the interbuttz. If people want to be uptight, let 'em. I was kind of disappointed, too. I like checking Bulbanews for events, and I don't wanna sign up for another forum. I'm pretty knew to competitive battling, but want to get into it. I've known about the metagame for a while, but never really wanted to attempt it. The release of HGSS has really reignited my interest in the franchise, however.
    No worries, g. Although, I dunno if having me post in there will help your cause...I get the notion that I'm just irritating most folks here. Haha. And, I dunno, it'd kind of suck to be around a bunch of annoying kids...but, if they had someone in a Wobbuffet costume running around, like how Disneyland has their mascots, I'd be stoked and the trip would be worth it. XD

    I was considering regular battle via DS; I just got my Friend Code for HG b/c I haven't been able to find an open wireless portal since I've had the game. =/

    If you're down, I'll battle. Do you have some level 50's? And, what kind of rulez? Btw, my Friend Code is 0947-5302-4464; my in game name is Jeff. Holler! lawl
    lawl, duuude, I try making posts and people usually end up being dicks about it; then, someone says one thing and a bunch of others barge in under the assumption that it is the correct and rational answer. Worry not, I'll check out your thread after this. I'm debating on posting a lvl50 3vs3 challenge...or I might make one of those ghey trainer cards for my sig...
    I got the stuff taken care of. So I now have a friend code (1763-5757-9320). If I'm on just PM me beforehand and I should be good to go.

    So yeah, ttyl.
    I'd say yes, but I have to first change my connection to WEP because I never bothered to actually get my Friend Code. That and I'm currently trying to figure out some funky stuff with my computer. So I'll say yes but not at the current moment. How about later this week (well maybe even later today but we can figure that out later.)

    Also sorry for assuming you know all the sites/programs I do, lol. It's a matter of habit, my bad. Smogon is a website that is pretty much the big one for the "competitive" battle scene and Shoddy Battle is a program which allows you to have Pokemon Battles on the computer. I actually don't go to either a lot, but sometimes Smogon gives me good ideas on moves.
    Yeah, not too far off. Good point on the Water/Fighting thing. Fire/Psychic is a type combo I've thought about, although I can't think of a good idea for what one would look like.

    I haven't really battled other people a whole lot. Mostly because I don't have the patience for nature/IV-reseting. Plus I'm still a rookie when it comes to a lot of the competitive battling concepts on Smogon. I don't have a serious EV trained team in the games, and I could do Shoddy but I'm not sure whether the team I'd come up with is any good or not.
    I wouldn't mind another Water/Fighting Pokemon (I always liked Poliwrath, but there's an overly cliche saying about the quantity of something and the happiness being directly proportional.)

    I'm 20, and now that you mention we do have an interesting amount of things in common. That's pretty cool.
    Not much, lol. How about you?
    And are you alright? Hope you didn't take too much crash damage.
    The Bulbagarden Battle Center.
    Standard Rules Battle.
    Free Battle (aka Non-Standard Rules).
    I'm glad I can help. I know a lot of places can be pretty unfriendly to newcomers.
    You didn't read the rules and post in the correct place. I know it sounds petty when I say it, and like I said, since you are new, you may get off with just a warning and an admin coming along and closing the thread.
    I think you just need to be here for a little bit. Post in some of the threads, get used to the way things work around here. For starters...we have an entire sub-forum with an entire thread for people who are looking for battles. Creating your own thread like that will get you infracted -- or at least, get the thread closed and you'll get a warning from an admin.
    Well, we've got a pretty big competitive battling community here. I'm sure you'll be able to find someone.
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