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Recent content by howardtheeduck

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    The person above you is a badass

    GameMaker can backflip without bending his knees.
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    The person above you is a badass

    Steel Justice Can juggle while sleeping.
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    The person above you is a badass

    Hikaru makes ghosts turn white...
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    The person above you is a badass

    When you make eye-contact with Firezard, he spontaneously evolves.
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    Your "YES!" moments

    My major YES moment was when I was on my 100th match in the Battle Tower in D/P. I was down to one Poke against a Tangrowth with a Power Whip. The Ice Punch I threw finished him in one hit. It was grand... :-)
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    Red's Espeon?

    Red had an Espeon due to the fact that 1)Eevee was a rare obtainable Pokemon in Gen I, 2)To show that time has passed since Gen. I, thus having all Pokemon in their final form/high level, and with Red being in Johto, results in Eevee's new evo, and 3)Gary obtained an Eevee which he then evolved...
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    Ash Or A New Guy?

    Initially, I always wanted Ash to stay. But considering he has no growth (other than battle strategies from new-coming Pokes), that is the only reason I would want him to leave. Imagine if the cartoon went in the direction it did in the first season... Imagine as the seasons go by, Ash...
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    Ash Or A New Guy?

    Ash shouldnt be replaced permanantly, but temporarily. The female Player from Black and White should be the center of attention in the anime...even if it means for Brock to journey alongside. Misty should return as well...nobody needs Dawn or May at all. lol.
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    Who has the best pizza?

    San Biagio's N.Y. style Pizza. Makes my mouth water every time I think of it. Expensive, but WORTH it. If ur into N.Y. thin crust like me... :-)
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    Welcome! And I have most of my Pokedex filled up, so I can breed anything you need traded to you. And Im also a competitive battler, so let me know whichever interests you! I do really need someone to practice my new team I made. :-)
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    Who has the best pizza?

    I would try that! Local pizzarias are THE BEST. especially New York ones. mmm
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    Giratina - The Pokemon Devil?

    I agree on how Arceus created Giratina, but as a Pokemon Devil? I dont think so. When it comes to religious aspects, it DEFINITELY matches so close. BUT, in my belief, for I am spiritual and not religious, I have to disagree. The terms 'good' and 'bad' are judgements. Just like 'right' and...
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    If Gold ever became a trainer like Red...

    I agree. And if not, just like they had changed Red's Espeon and traded it with Lapras, it might just be that Gold's Togepi stays as a Togetic to represent Gen II.
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    Pokemon: Infinite Universes: FireRed/LeafGreen (ESRB Rating: T) Chapter 5 is up!

    Re: Pokemon: Infinite Universes: FireRed/LeafGreen (ESRB Rating: T) Cool. Waiting for more.....
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    Um...hi there

    Welcome to Bulbagarden!