• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.
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  • I can't like your post in-game, so I will like it here instead.
    Lady Luck was not with me this game...although I'm told that the truly great manufacture their own luck.
    Would you mind if I asked for a performance review from RMafia, or is mentioning it while it's still ongoing illegal?
    Basically, I'd like to know, in general terms, what I did right, what I did wrong, and what I could do better.
    when you do have the energy to host again, will you at least consider my idea to co-host a FE mafia game?
    Hmm, but is that true... shouldn't underestimate a Russian temper...

    (OHHHH yeah, I'm the proud creator of that overly long phrase there XD)

    Since the RP posts were clearly not mafia-relevant info and thus avoidable if someone wanted, yeah, I don't see why it was that distracting. Omg though, yeah, I guess especially long flavor text is anti-town. Too much fluff, not enough info lol.

    (wait what)

    Lol yeah, it at least drummed up some discussion from Mijz. It was the confirming phase, yep! It kinda had to be if we were going to do it, otherwise I have a feeling more people might've made a big deal about it if it had leaked into D1. XD

    (well... long hair when it comes to anime yeah, it's not really my thing irl, but anime yeah; Allelujah's hair length is kinda my "anime/vg love modus operandi" I guess, it applies to Innes, Noel, and Athrun too...)

    Speaking of Monokuma, I've still got those signatures and avatars we used when in the DR mafia in my folder for all that stuff on my laptop, those and the Sonia/Gundam ones


    In my avatar he looks like the super fine and unbelievably attractive man that he is, definitely not like a woman omg (but then if you're saying that you're the "male" in the theme, are you saying that Soma looks like a guy in her art, 'cause that might be a hard case to make lol)

    nah, Tron has his own special place in my heart, I just couldn't bring myself to change it after so long XD thank you though, I'm glad you still like it!!!
    I see, best of luck there! I'm sure you'll do great! Don't worry, I also wanted mine to end, and they finally did! You'll feel so great afterwards. I understand that feeling, I understand it SO MUCH. As said before, best of luck once again.
    We're on a roll now, mohaha. And thanks! People were celebrating and screaming all night here in Stockholm, it was so fun.

    I really liked Malta's song though, but Belgium slayed.
    I saw the first 4 Episodes and then DIDN'T WATCH it until the Week of Christmas Break and watch EVERY Episode Every Week now :) Yeah AMAZING AMAZING SERIES IMO. 17/20 for yesterday's Episode :) and I Like the English DUB based on that one Episode :)
    HAH!! So Silvio/Shingo is your Favorite :) Mine is Yuzu/Zuzu. Have U watched it from the Beginning of the Series?
    I can see how Strong's voice was so bad it was hilarious. It would be difficult to take anyone with that kind of voice seriously. If they got rid of the southern accent and made him sound a bit tougher, Gongenzaka's dub voice might be okay. It would be an improvement at least. They water down the original version so much to the point where it's a shadow of what it used to be, so that can make it harder for the audience to buy into the serious moments, especially with the kind of dialogue in this first episode.

    I still think that 4K Media is stuck with the 90's mindset of how to dub a show, while other companies, even TPCI, have advanced beyond that. Granted, the way TPCI handles Pokemon isn't perfect, but I don't think it's nearly as flawed as the Yu-Gi-Oh! dubs are. There are some necessary changes, but stuff like altering the dialogue to make bad jokes, changing the characters' personalities, changing terms completely and providing their own catchphrase is really not. While I don't like the Arc-V soundtrack being replaced with generic music, I would take that if that was the biggest problem with the dub instead of being one of the many problems with it. I don't think that I've heard of that requirement regarding a main character's name and I don't think it's true given that they changed Judai to Jaden. That was an understandable change given how Judai sounds and Jaden is a perfectly fine change. Yuzu's dub name, on the other hand, isn't. If they can keep Yuya and his father's names in tact, then there's really no good reason why Yuzu couldn't have kept at least her first name. And if they had to change her name for whatever reason, there were so many better options than what they went with.

    I heard about those cards getting printed. That's pretty cool. I don't play much of the card game myself, but it's always neat when they print some cards from a previous series.
    Yeah, some of those voices would fit more for an abridged series than a dub, especially Strong and Shuzo's voices. Gongenzaka's voice just didn't fit him in the slightest and if it wasn't for Strong's voice, he would have had the worst one in the episode. I didn't pick up Nico's German accent. It sounded more British to me with it's tone, but not as much of a thick accent compared to the British voices they've had in the past. I would love for them to redub this and change Yuzu's name back, but I unfortunately doubt that's going to happen.

    I'm sure that people who haven't seen the Japanese version before this won't have the same reaction to it, but it is unfortunately that it's the same kind of bad quality associated with Yu-Gi-Oh! dubs. Yoko's voice was surprisingly good and Yuzu's voice was solid. I'm still not sure if having a good voice makes the situation with her dub name better or worse. Either way, it's one of the dumbest and most unnecessary changes I think I've seen for a dub name. It's only one letter, but why do that? Why not give her a name that actually sounds like a name if you're going to change it? I'm still so upset about that and that really ruins whatever excitement I had for the dub. Trash talking Yuya still bugs me too and is worse, but Yuzu is the second most important character in the main cast. If she was Kotori 2.0 like I originally thought she would be, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with this change most likely, but given how good she is and how important she is to the story, I should not be enraged by just the sound of her name.
    Amazing. :eek:

    I'm getting rusty in my hangul, so I should make myself learn some Korean.

    I'm taking a Japanese class right now and that's fun as long as I'm not taking a test.
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