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  • I know most of my efforts are futile because the people I've been at odds with haven't changed a bit, but to merely abandon a debate/discussion makes me think that the opposition will consider that a "victory" for them (that part I don't care about), which encourages them to continue with their extremist behavior and target anyone who disagrees with them.

    I'd love nothing more than an environment where debates and discussions can be handled maturely on all sides. That's probably just a pipe dream, but if nothing else, this place is leagues better than the environment on Serebii, where users are actually getting away with trashing 'Iris-haters' (I loathe that term). A direct quote from SPPf: "The people who will complain are the straight up Iris haters who have no lives to begin with. It's ridiculous that those people want her to get nothing. Sounds like a personal issue that they need to deal with." To my knowledge, the user who said that did so with no repercussions whatsoever. Some users here who have a beef with me for the same reason (regardless of their claiming indifference to me) also use that place as a "sanctuary" of sorts to directly insult actual people just for this reason. And I have notified a mod there about their actions (with several screenshots of VMs to prove my claim), which seemed to help to a degree, but obviously Serebii on the whole hasn't changed much. I'm glad I only use that place to post my fanfic now.
    Forewarning: lots of segments in this reply. I must be bored this morning.
    Well, I'm not gonna lie, some of your comments did creep me out like crazy and you've already seen how easy it is for me to take offense to something if it isn't written as an obvious joke. I don't like to make constant excuses, but hormones during certain times of the month WILL make me act crazy and/or overly defensive/sensitive. I've been looking into ways to buffer that because I've been breaking out into sobs even at work spontaneously, and it's almost always hormones that cause it. In real life I'm even more defensive and paranoid.

    There've been plenty of discussions I'd have been better off abandoning rather than carrying on, true. But whenever I'm discussing something I feel strongly about, such as how much I hate certain fictional characters, the primary reason I do that is for stress relief. As long as I'm aware what I rant about isn't a real life thing or person, I consider it A-OK to rant to my heart's content, but I never like to start an argument. Debating's fine, as long as all parties know how to actually debate, which sadly is not the case most of the time. Whenever I do argue, I'm never aiming to change anyone's mind, nor to prove that my opinion is "the" right one. Only that my opinion is a valid one to have, and if someone challenges that, I really can't help but to defend it. You already know there are plenty of people whose opinions I think are invalid and irrational, but I don't like to concern myself with their issues. I'll let them believe what they want to believe; I only draw the line when they try to trash real-life people over it, or make up blatant lies that should be cleared up to prevent any misunderstandings from third parties.
    Dealing with antagonism there and antagonism here over a stupid fictional character plus the stress of work has gotten me pretty rattled, I guess. I'm glad I'm not posting at the Serebii forums, but I'm still bugged by how much crap people get away with there. I've about had it, being labeled a "hater" who thinks I'm always right on a delusional crusade to brainwash everyone. The 'net's my way of escaping real life crap; I can't afford to have that ruined too. But, uh, oops. Sorry I went on a tangent.
    It figures they didn't have a "Featured User" thing until after I stopped being active, so I was never nominated for that. :p I've dealt with some crap over time, but their demands for me to be active just to keep my b-crat status is just cruel, especially when a lot of my edits get undone by idiots and when I challenged them in the IRC chat, they take the side of the idiots.

    I don't tend to be this way, but I agree that I deserve more respect than what they're giving me. My propositions have gone ignored, the majority of the edits I make these days get undone anyway, so I don't know why they want me back so much. I took it a bit hard when the logo I designed for TDW was replaced, too. I made a logo, put in several pictures of the highest quality I could find (and was relied on for pictures back when the TDA episodes could only be gotten through torrents of Canadian broadcasts), wrote so many articles on characters, their relationships, episodes, not to mention I was the one who proposed the link hubs at the bottom of the major articles (that I admittedly snitched from Bulbapedia's coding), altered sections of the profiles... I may only have 2000-something edits, but it's the quality that counts.

    Part of me wishes to go back there and see what's become of it, but another part of me is still bitter for the way I've been treated. Somehow I became sort of a legend over there, though, after I stopped being active. It's weird. For a long time I was praised, but nowadays I'm being treated like a newb. I should probably post a proper blog there about it someday.
    Ahh, thank you. I am enjoying the break (that I direly needed; I was getting very cranky and irritable at work only to crash into my bed a few hours after getting home). I'm not getting much done as I hoped I would be, but there's still some time left to make good on that.

    I'm um, admittedly struck with awkwardness about the name thing. I appreciate the compliment, but Shinneth isn't really much of a name. It's a nickname I got from an old friend many years ago when I went under the pseudonym of Shinobu, based on Shinobu Miyake of Urusei Yatsura, one of my favorite anime/manga series. If you really insist on sticking with my internet alias name (I don't recommend it, but... it's your choice), you'd do better with Shinobu. I believe it means "to endure". Shinneth just reeks of a name that would be made fun of by everyone. I think I've said my real-life name here at least once before, probably on the topic of whether or not there's a Pokemon character that has your name. Lucky me, I got the ditzy crybaby gym leader. :p

    Yep, aha, I was an admin at TDW once upon a time and did tons of work on the wiki when it was young (I think I'm 1 of 3 users who've been there since 2008). I was pretty active in it until Total Drama Action had a mid-season break in Canada, and since the wiki's grown considerably over time and resources are much easier for people to gather, I feel I've been rendered obsolete. Every now and then I'd come back and tinker with some things, but yeah. Recently the current admins have been treating me like crap. Even if I'm not active, I figure the huge amounts of work I put into the wiki's early stages should earn me a permanent bureaucrat status.
    Hey! If you ever unintentionally double post and the forums aren't being slow and laggy, you can delete your own post by clicking "Edit post", then "Delete" and then "Delete post". You don't have to include a deletion reason but its generally best too. Either way, I've handled the post that you wanted deleted.
    Thanks for the Friend Request, I appreciated that! :) Also, nice to see that we have the exact same feelings for Pokemon, making us not alone with our thinking.

    You know, I noticed that your blog had that "Gotta Review 'em All", but you seem to not go on with it. What happened?
    There are a lot of gay people on TV right now. I feel like half my article was spent simply listing some of them, and I deliberately left a few out because if I included all the ones I found while doing research, I would never have finished writing. Glee alone has Kurt, Blaine, Karofsky, Sebastian, Santana, Brittany, Wade and Mr. Ryerson. Then you have soap operas, where getting gay people is a thing, apparently. Luke, Noah, Reid, Will, Sonny, Kyle, Oliver Fish, Alejandro and Diego, to name some American ones. Then we have the (mostly British) European ones like John Paul, Craig, Keiran, Christian, Syed, Aaron, Jackson, Connor, Justin, and of course Christian and Oliver from the German soap "Verbotene Liebe." And then you have the gays of prime time shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Will & Grace, Brothers & Sisters, The Sopranos, The United States of Tara, White Collar, 90210, Gossip Girl, and The Wire.

    It's like having a token gay character is the new 'in' thing in Hollywood.
    Wow. I don't know what to say. You're welcome.

    Here's the new one. It's not very good. I did it at the last minute while I was sick, so I may have screwed it over. A little. Just a bit.

    The one I turned in yesterday should be better though. In light of Amendment 1 in North Carolina and Obama's public endorsement of marriage equality, my editor told me to write about the portrayal of gay characters in television. So yeah...
    My next deadline is the twenty third of this month. I'm thinking about writing a companion piece about the portrayal of men in the media, but I have to run it by my editor first. Following that would be a comparison piece on both genders, possibly relating to this.

    And yeah, I have thought about writing a novel. In fact, I'm kind of in the process right now but life and Bulbagarden is getting in the way. I'm almost two thirds of the way there, so I just have to find the time to finish (the first draft anyway.)
    As soon as everybody posts their entries. There's only two people left, so it should be ending in a few days.
    Good to hear you're still at work behind the scenes at your own pace. And also good to hear that I'm not being biased, and thank you for mentioning my impartiality. The score decimals, yeah, it seems kind of excessive to add little tenths of a point, but I like it because it keeps the scores empirical. I've had the idea to define what each number essentially means in a score, which I will add to my next BDP entry.
    Actually I disabled signatures long ago because they clog up my screen. I have no idea what mine even is. But that's still a great idea, and I'll get right on it.
    Wish you the best.
    These are the Pokémon reviews I'm talking about: Bulbagarden Forums - BDP - Blogs

    At the time user winstein mentioned me in a comment on your one and only blog entry*, I had artistically reviewed Bulbasaur through Wigglytuff. Currently I am working on Mankey-Primeape, but basically you replied to winstein saying most of my reviews were "extremely biased" and saying my 10/10 rating system was horrible (Gotta Review Em' All! (001-009) - Blogs - Bulbagarden Forums).
    My point is, tell me what I'm doing wrong, because I want my reviews to be of serious artistic merit.

    *You should really continue your blog series. I can relate if life gets in the way, but you appear to be regularly active. You managed 12 comments and 670 views. I think the most I've had was half that many comments. The blog community loves two things: people who are famous, and people who make them think, and reviews like ours do the latter. I encourage you to resume reviewing Pokémon.
    Hello, Human. We're not so different, you and I. Hahaha, I always wanted to say that. Now, down to business. Last September you criticized my blog, Best Designed Pokémon. Thank you. Now please do me a favor and tell me how I was being biased. I'm trying to do serious artistic judgment here, and anything you could tell me would be great.
    You're welcome! Well, it's my duty to help others in need after all, if I know how to solve the problem, that is.

    That's it for now.
    You can delete your own posts, do you know that? On one of your comments, select "Edit", and then "Go Advanced". In that screen, you will see a section called "Delete Comment". Check the box, and then select the "Delete" button. Simple.

    Thanks for reading.
    It's very easy, actually. Click the "Blogs" section to go to the blogs page, and on that page, click the "Create New Post" button, and the rest of it is similar to posting a new post in the forum (meaning you put your content). When you are done, you may post it. Also, if you need to edit the post, remember that the edit button is a pencil, and will only appear if you put your cursor on the blog title.

    That's it for now.
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