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Hunter Blade
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  • I can't learn maths by doing it once ... I have to do a sum like forty times before I understand it. QwQ

    Most of it did! Really psyched for KH3 and the new SSBB.
    That sounds pretty confusing. o_o;; We start school in early September (usually the day before my birthday, funnily enough), and our first break isn't until eight weeks into the term, and even then we only get a week off. Then it's another eight weeks in school before we have our autumn break, which lasts for two weeks. (Usually around Halloween, I think.) Then it's another eight weeks in school before our next half term (one week), back for eight, then off for two weeks for our Christmas break. Then back for eight, half term, back for another eight, an it's Easter break. Currently, I'm on the break after Easter break, which is my last break before summer which lasts for six.
    Yeah that's the wii version. I played all rangers and my touch screen is unharmed. I think you may be pressing the stylus to hard on the screen x)
    How is our summer schedule weird? If anything, yours is! xP Don't worry, I still can't get my head around the American school system.
    I just started half term, which means I'm off for a week, but when I go back it's exam period. Fun. And aw, poor you. :c
    The wii version of mystery dungeon already wasn't that great. Maybe this is just a continuing trend for sucky mystery dungeon titles. Sure hope they're not gonna ruin ranger though.
    Ah ok. From what I heard the new mystery dungeon sucks, so you might not want to buy that one once you get a 3DS.
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