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  • more like training for office work. duration: next 6 months. clothing deal is professional, the material is basic right now but it gets harder later on and touch typing is up and down BUT I AM MANAGING

    editing is a bitch. breaking the urge to edit while typing is a bigger bitch.

    let's just say that if i continue my work and apply myself much harder then i can graduate with a job waiting for me. :D
    idek they just do like i'll try to talk to them and they'll just walk off idgi but hey
    i don't think you are dude but alright

    why not it would be simple that way ;;

    i know, the dirk version of the "strider frown" looked rly pixelated and derpy when i tried to crop it so i just settled for dave in the hopes of confusing people
    maybe I should just never be nice to anyone don't want them thinking I'm trying to FLIRT WITH THEM or anything

    were there others any as bad as "no one wants to be an accident" or
    you can't be nice to someone if you're not flirting with them didn't you know that

    haha okay I'll have to remind him when I talk to him next XD

    that's really hilarious because dO THEY NOT REALIZE WHAT THAT SOUNDS LIKE omg
    that's kind of a shame though tbh like a person can be friendly without their main motivation being to flirt with someone else

    and yeah he actually really got a kick of that he was like "when I see you we should take a picture of our butts touching and send it to him"

    also hahahaha wow I am not sure that was phrased in the best way possible
    they sure are except the people in my band apart from our lead vocalist and pianist rly hate me :c what you're not lame in the slightest!!

    ppppshhhh if you can make noises yoiu can play
    I don't even remember what the main point of that whole conversation was so I'm just going to agree with you now XD

    yeah you've honestly never come across as flirty to me just friendly but I guess for some people the two can be easy to confuse

    you said and I quote "i hope they touch butts someday"
    okay good I'm glad your self-esteem is higher than mine :p

    well I mean you're definitely not being flirty you're saying stuff that friends say to friends and stuff so yeah

    besides Danny doesn't have anything to worry about he knows what you said about us that one time
    OKAY FINE I will accept it as long as you also accept it goes for you too

    and lol he hardly even goes on bulba anymore but I'm sure the next time he does he will appreciate this gesture :p

    no that was me accepting your opinion and saying "well okay you may be saying I'm awesome but you're awesome too" so sHUSH
    yeah, a rock band ... nahhhh i don't play anything like that but brass instruments and stuff llike trombones look awesome ;w;

    ooooh, cool! can you still play?
    yeah that song is gr8 I need to listen to it again

    and omg hoooow is that even possible how did two years pass so quickly
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