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  • Rest in Peace Hus, still remember the days in 09 where we would play CS because URPG would be too easy. Any chance we get we would roast Billy, even stole his steam account. Never did get to meet up in the end, rest up till next time Hus.
    I did not know you, but I know the legacy you've left; may there be something very positive for you in the next life.
    Requiescat in pace
    I'll miss you forever pal. Wish we talked way more post-hiatus for the both of us. You were an amazing friend when we were active years ago.
    We barely interacted on AIM, but you were still a familiar name. Even today your name evokes something almost mythical. You'll be missed.
    I would say not that you ever come on anymore but you were on earlier. Anywho Happy Birthday, husnain!
       ヽ.  '''''''::;;;;;:O`'':::::..、__           ,_
         ヽ.     ''''''''::;;;;;;;;;;;`''::::..、__         |ト、
         ヽ.____    ''';;;;;;;;;;;;`''::::..、__ ノノ l 
           ヾ,',',',',',',',`ヽ.      ''''';;;;;;;;;;;`:::':..、.|
            ヾ. ̄ ̄`ヽ〉          '''';;;;;;;;ヽ.
             ヽ        三三三彡     __,,,`:.,,________
              `ヽ.         ー―''''´'''''''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''_/
               ,ノ ヽ.        - 、         _,,. -''´
             ,,/   .ヽ.        ヽ.    _,,. ‐''´;;;ヽ.
          ,,/       j`ヽ.       `ー''´      ;;;;l 
         /_, --―――''´   `ヽ   SUCCESS    ;;;;|
          ̄             `ヽ.            ;;;;|
                         `ヽ.           ;;;;l
                           `ヽ.  .、       ;;;|
                             lヽ l ヽ.    .;;;|
                               | ヽ.|  ヽ.  .;;;|
                               └--ヾー-、l   ;;;|
                                l    .;; ;|
                                .l     ;;;|
                           _____l    .;;;|
                         <´:::::::::::::::::::::::...∧::; ;|


      ▓▓░░▓▓▓   ░░▒
     █████▓▓▓███░░░ Husnain with long hair and a cloak oh yeah and a beard
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