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Recent content by Hyasynth

  1. H

    Trainer Customization

    I wouldn't mind if we could 'buy' DLC clothing with play coins. It gives us something to work for without having to cough up the IRL monies. It would also be a nice way to burn play coins. But more importantly, what I really want is the option of getting color contacts. What if I want brown...
  2. H

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    Then Clemont destroys TR's mechas by stealing the most important parts, or sending his own mecha out to ruin them. Sounds like comedy gold to me.
  3. H

    Pokemon XY Corocoro poster!

    I for one am super stoked, because this is the one group I really wanted. Well, really I just wanted Serena and Clemont but having another 4-person group is awesome. I liked Max and I'm sure I'll like Bonnie too.
  4. H

    Nintendo 2DS announced for October release: Cheaper Nintendo 3DS without clamshell de

    Re: Nintendo 2DS announced for October release: Cheaper Nintendo 3DS without clamshel I can see the appeal if you're a parent on a budget who doesn't want their 6-year-old playing for 4 hours straight with the 3D cranked way up. The 3D is a real eyeball slayer unless it's barely on, even on a...
  5. H

    Will Ash win the league in Kalos????

    ~ NOPE ~ But I really don't care as long as the League itself is enjoyable.
  6. H

    Team Flare

    It's too early for me to be judging but I cannot take Team Flare seriously right now. Those grunts are too FABULOUS to be anything but comic relief. Okay, maybe the higher-ups can be real threats. But the grunts? The only things they'll be doing are having loser fights with Team Rocket and...
  7. H

    First look at the XY 3DS XL!

    I would have liked it a lot better if there had been separate blue Xerneas and red Yveltal XLs. The blue one is still nice, but it's not enough to make me consider trading in mine. Pink is VERY nice.
  8. H

    Pokemon Smash Discussion Thread (SEE FIRST POST!)

    Re: Pokemon Smash Discussion Thread Honestly, right now I'm more excited for potential anime info than anything else. I really want to know who the new sidekicks are going to be. Even if we just get silhouettes, I'll be satisfied.
  9. H

    If someone said Pokemon is childish, what will be your reaction?

    I would thank them for pointing out the obvious, and passive-aggressively suggest they return to their own mature hobbies.
  10. H

    What do you think about Ash's new X&Y outfit?

    My new favorite outfit. The pose helps too. Ash looks competent, battle-ready and not like a total derphead.
  11. H

    How will Pokemon X & Y impact the Anime? - UPDATE: Begins October!

    I think it would make things interesting, having another group of 4. I'll be pretty sad if they don't use Serena at all. I could see her as a snobby jerk rival, potentially one who used to be friends with the other companions but broke off from the group for whatever reason.
  12. H

    Your Personality Type on the Myers-Brigg Test

    INTJ You have distinctive preference of Introversion over Extraversion (67%) You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (38%) You have strong preference of Thinking over Feeling (88%) You have distinctive preference of Judging over Perceiving (67%) I've taken this test a...
  13. H

    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: Official CoroCoro Discussion Thread The blond one's skin has a cool undertone and the middle one has a warm undertone.
  14. H

    Pokémon you didn't expect to like

    Corsola surprised me in HG. I always thought it was one of those "cute but useless" types like Pachirisu. You know, the ones you can't even use reliably in-game. Then I actually caught one. Holy hell, this thing is like Satan. No, Ultra Satan. Maybe I just got a really good one, I don't know...
  15. H

    What do you think the cities and towns in X and Y will be named after?

    yes pls gamefreak pay attention this lady has the right idea Constellations would make for some AWESOME city names. I'm just going to assume this is fact until it gets brutally deconfirmed with something much lamer. Shows how much you know, we're the cloud formation center of the goddamn...