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  • Well, color me interested. I was digging through my local record store looking for something that my brother would like (he's the one with the turn-table, I just use CDs), and I found Snowflakes are Dancing. I didn't know what it was but I started learning more about Isao Tomita and it turns out that was a pretty sweet find for my brother. I thought it was funny that you mentioned Tomita because I've only recently learned who he is.
    "Charm" isn't the word I'd use to describe them... :p Yeah, I thought it was really lame how they'd just say that they quit even though they had shows planned. It's definitely best that they quit while they're ahead, though. I've never heard of that guy you mentioned, though, so yeah, evidently this is helping his exposure. :p When I listen to hip-hop I usually go for the stuff made on turn-tables rather than more old-fashioned groups like The Roots (an apt name) or the stuff made on drum machines like most gangsta/pop-rap is. I have no problem with drum machines, but when you gear the music so strongly to focus on just one guy - the MC - you start to wonder how much musical talent is being into that drum machine. Death Grips puts emphasis on all three even though they're more of a "gangsta" set-up than the DJ-MC dynamic that I gravitate toward, and that's really cool.
    I'm not really drawn to something purely for the edge factor. Actually, that's a lie... but I try to step back and see if something's extremity is called for, rather than just being "Rated M for Money", if you're familiar with TV Tropes. I guess I didn't really understand the motivation behind Death Grips' extremity until recently. My favorite is The Money Store, of course. And I actually haven't heard part 1 of The Powers That B to begin with, so I have to do that first before I decide if I'm excited for the rest. I was still really bummed when they announced that they were done, though.
    Death Grips? They used to be too much for me, but I've taken a liking to them, yeah. I take it as a sort of Grand Theft Auto-style hyper-parody of "gangsta rap".
    Well um you see...xD I loooooove classical/baroque music and soundtracks from movies, video games, and anime. I mean, I also do listen to what's new or other single songs from different artists/bands, just not as much as other people do.

    I remember once in orchestra class, my stand partner (who's a big fan of Taylor Swift, 1D, etc) she asked me if I solely only listen to classical music. Even though I don't, I answered "Yes!" just to see her reaction. XD
    Haha, it's supposed to be sarcasm, although you can't really pick that up on the internet I guess. ^^;
    Damn, hope that hasn't screwed you over gift-wise in the past. Two other siblings are born in the same month as me, so we usually celebrated them altogether when we were all still living under the same roof. But we weren't all born within the same week of each other. Man, quite the coincidence.
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