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Recent content by Icee071399

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    Wanted: UT Keldeo

    It's at level 16 and dosen't know secret sword. I have to get someone to clone it first because I kind of want it.
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    Wanted: UT Keldeo

    Foreign Travler; I don't think someone can nickname you a Keldeo since it can only be obtained via events. I have a GameStop Keldeo but I unfortunately I leveled it up one level so it isn't UT.
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    How did you get into pokemon?

    One day when I had nothing to watch on Tv and I stumbled upon it and I kept watching it because it was interesting.
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    If TR disbands, what will J&J wear!?

    They might sill wear Team Rocket Clothes if they disband or they will wear normal everyday clothes.
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    Would you like to see Rocket centred episodes without Ash in BW(S2)?

    That would be great. Considering that Team Rocket dosen't show up as often as they used to.
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    looking for an Abomasnow, any Abomasnow

    Sorry for the late reply. Just send me a PM to tell me when you can trade.
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    Pokémon Dolls, C-Gear skins announced for international Pokémon Black 2 and White 2:

    Re: Pokémon Dolls, C-Gear skins announced for international Pokémon Black 2 and White Awesome! Can't wait to use them in game. I've been waiting for another chance to get a Zekrom C-gear skin and I've always wanted Victini C-gear Skin!
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    Mohacastle the newcomer.

    Hello, nice to meet you and welcome!
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    The Shiny Encounters Thread

    One day when I was about to go to the Pokemon center in my SoulSilver gamr from Johto route 38 then go to bed I encountered a Shiny Miltank! The first Miltank I saw in the wild on that game. I transferred it to my White game. I encountered a Shiny Amoongus from one of the fake items on Unova...
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    What system will you play BW2 on?

    I'll probably play it on my Nintendo DS Lite.
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    pokemon I have breeded a ton of and some random eggs! also i am a breeder

    Re: Giving away pokemon I have breeder a ton of and some random eggs! Pheonixwing; May I have, Female: Turtwig, Chimchar, Starly, Eevee and Feebas. Male: Bidoof, Starly. Also if you have random eggs I will take one. Items: You don't have to but you can if you want to.
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    VG Weekly Poll #55 Do you like the shaking spots feature in Black/White?

    I like them. You can find more rarer Pokemon and its gives the games something new.
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    REVIEW: S15 EP33: Crisis at Ferroseed Research!

    An interesting episode, and I loved when Oshawott got struck by the excess electricity absorbed by Stunfisk and Pikachu from the Ferroseed. What I wonder is what the Chargestone Cave rock moss does for Pokemon and how they use moss on Pokemon.
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    What's Up, Everyone?

    Hi, nice to meet you and welcome!
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    Wanted: Mandibuzz

    That would be great! I can probably trade today or tomorrow.