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Recent content by Icestar649

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    GEN VI: Shiny 6IV EM Spinarak

    Offering this lovely in return.
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    Ultimate Truth About The Pokemon Universe!?

    It's merely a theory but it's well backed up in my opinion. You see what it all boils down to is: "Anything is possible. You create the reality".
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    Ultimate Truth About The Pokemon Universe!?

    I have found the ultimate truth to the Pokémon Universe: There is no canon. All is canon except for what directly defies the word of GAME FREAK. Certain events and laws of physics are common across all canon. These events are present in Sinnoh mythology up to the banishment of...
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    ORAS Teams

    What will everyone be using on their teams for ORAS? Will you catch pokemon in the game, breed and transfer 'mons you've never used before?
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    The New Mega Evolutions Thread (MOD NOTE: Read first post!)

    Mega Gallade has a definite spot on my team. Not very many of these new megas impress me, and also Game Greak did say that ORAS have more new megas than X and Y.
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    Hello there.

    Welcome to the Bulbagarden Forums. I hope too see more of you around JohtoPM you seem to have some interesting thoughts.
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    What Songs Are You Looking Forward To Being Remade?

    The opening theme was my ABSOLUTE favorite.
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    Looking for competitive battling help.

    The team I use most often species wise is Greninja, Gengar, Skarmory, Forretress, Kangaskhan, Blissey. I also play in OU.
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    Looking for competitive battling help.

    I am new at competitive battling. i am looking for help really on how to build a team and such. My strategy: i set up traps and then go into offense. Pokemon: i can really use any Pokemon. Any and all help is appreciated, Icestar649
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    The Mega Sceptile and Mega Swampert Thread

    mega swampert just needs to learn rollout now
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    Looking for battles

    I am looking for challenges outside my area as it is getting boring battling the same people. here is my fc:3952-7595-0164. All I ask is please refrain from using ledgendaires as i never use them all smogon tiers are OK just no legends.
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    Looking for help for new team formation

    i like sableye scrafty Skunktank and Bisharp. alexey the reason i was asking is because i like to use pokemon people dont often see as each species has value.
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    Looking for help for new team formation

    Glory Blaze i really like Bisharp Scrafty and Skunktank they seem a bit unusual
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    Looking for help for new team formation

    so mandibuzz...ok how often is it used
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    Looking for help for new team formation

    ok then so really i am just a jack of all trades but i prefer dark types and bulky pokemon