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  • Hello Mrs. Icike, May I offer you for the shiny Riolu? I have Shiny Samurott, Shiny Raichu, Articuno, and every starter Pokemon from past games plus the Kalos region
    Yeah. I was thinking of the Darkrai/Hydreigon decks. :sweatlol: I like the way they play. Straightforward...at least, according to what I've read.

    Great! I was under the impression that decks weren't viable without 4x Catcher. I've seen the prices they command, and whoa.

    What's a good deck right now?
    I have the IceShock Boundaries Crossed theme deck, but I'm more inclined toward using Dark and Dragon. Also, I've heard that you really need Pokémon Catcher?
    Yep! There are a few Leagues that aren't too far.

    The main problem is that I don't know how to start building a deck. I mean, should I start from scratch, or just build one of the common good decks in the format to help me get a better feel of the metagame?

    Wow, I think I'm bothering you. >_<
    My FC is 5072-2619-3939. I would prefer the final evolutions, but if there are a couple of them you just don't want to get rid of, then I'll be just as happy with a middle evo. So, I have the six Pokemon (including the ones you specified) with me, and would you like to trade now or later?
    Okay then! I have you registered. ^^ Anyways, beforehand, I want to apologize for all the trouble you went through for this.
    Well, I want to say one in a line to be efficient, but I don't want to waste all the trouble you went through. But if you have a problem with the plan I'm proposing, then feel free to say so and I'll change it. ^^
    Whyyyyyyyy, yes I do.
    Hehe, Pokemon, Yugioh, and kinda Magic.... I like Pokemon and Yugioh much more.
    What's up?
    Hello! No worries, oh man, I've been so busy as well. Not to mention I just found out that i can't connect to wifi!! TT_TT It keeps on saying error code 52001. I just got a new modem and this happened DD:
    Yeah, haha :p
    Haha, okay :) I'll let you know when I've got it cloned and we can do the trade ^.^
    Thanks for waiting though, really. I've been busy and I don't really like keeping others waiting, but it can't really be helped ;A;
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