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  • Aw man! That really stinks! =/ You're going really like it if you get to play it, though, I guarantee it. ^u^
    But lol about the Z thing, that was a good one. ;D
    Godmode shipping? That means GiratinaxGiratina, right? Or am I being stupid? xD
    If it's GiratinaxGiratina...then I think it's an awesome idea. :D Woot!
    Heyoo. ;D But starting to ship DarkraixGiratina? XD I don't think that'd work out too well...A tiny Darkrai and a gigantic Giratina? xD
    Bwhaha, but maybe it could, who knows. x3.
    The one with Marley in it right?Don't you think Shaymin is adowabull and it looks really cute!!My favorite episode is the one where all the Grand festival performances took place!I forgot the episode no...
    WOW!There are ppl here that like DP!!I srsly thought that I was the only one!I was hooked to this series unlike others, and I still can't explain why
    Sorry for not posting back, hehe, sorta lost track...;.;
    But yeah, at least you do. <3 Would be TERRIBLE if you lost Platinum and the rest. ;.; Yikes!
    Bwhaha, it's a nice way to take down her Garchomp, that's for sure. :D
    but life is good. :3 Yours?
    LOL, no it wouldn't kill me. xD. I can see you being either one of them, though. ;D
    Silver is just awesome. Nobody can deny that. xD.
    But Pearl? I can see why you fangirl over him. He's kinda cool. ;D
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