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  • New blog ranking my top 15 Grass types this time. Check it out if you want.
    Pyramid King Brandon episodes are probably my favorite episodes in the entire anime, and I'll tell you what are the reasons you and me love that episodes. First of all, Kanto starters coming back together. Secondly, Charizard easily defeated in the first battle. Thirdly, Bulbasaur kicked most asses in that four on four battle, with two. Am I correct?
    It really is. It was Ash's second battle in the Johto conference and both Meganium and Bulbasaur kicked some serious ass in it. I don't even watch the anime and I still love that episode. My other favorite episode was when Ash was fighting Pyramid King Brandon with his Kanto Starters and Bulbasaur wiped the floor with all of Brandon's team, save Regice. It was awesome.
    I've said this a couple of times, but I want a Grass/Dragon version mascot based on Quetzacoatl next gen.
    It is, but much like Dragonite and Salamence, I find that Breloom's 4x weakness doesn't do enough to stop its sheer awesomeness. Spore, Poison Heal and one of the highest attack stats of all Fighting Pokemon mean that even with a 4x Flying weakness, Breloom is still gonna wreck shit up.
    I much more prefer going special than physical attacks, in fire types, well, at least most fire types.

    Breloom is also one of my favorite grass types, a great typing. I wish Breloom could learn Leaf Blade but, Seed Bomb is enough already for a good physical grass type attack. x4 weakness to flying types is only bad thing about him.
    Blaziken has better attacking stats than Infernape and worse speed. Speed Boost remedies the problem, which is why Blaziken is technically better now. This in no way means Infernape is a bad Pokemon. Much as I don't like him, he's a staple in my sun teams because of how useful he is, and he has Nasty Plot, so he can go Special, which is something Blaziken can't do.

    I agree that Meganium is disliked for looking feminine, but it's also very neglected by Game Freak, which does not help things.

    Poor Snover and Abomasnow have a 4x weakness to Fire, of all things.

    Of all the non-Starter Grass types, my favorite would have to be Breloom, without a doubt. I also really like Roserade and Ferrothorn. Jumpluff gets an honorable mention.

    My second favorite type would have to be Water because it is my favorite of the classical elements, but when I say second, I mean distant second.
    haha, i loved that picture.

    Well, i don't hate the fire type pokemon in general actually, i just hate the type itself and it's popularity. I think Infernape is the best fire type starter in the game now, and statwise, i find Infernape better than Blaziken. Blaziken's movepool has a little bit more surpriseful, i can give him that.

    I really want to see a Grass/Fire typed pokemon with the ability Chlorophyll, it would probably be the best combination ever.

    Meganium is a feminine looking pokemon, that's why everyone calls her she, unlike the other fully evolved grass type starters. That's why nobody likes 'her'.

    I like grass and ice types but i don't like the only grass/ice dual typed pokemon, Snover/Abomasnow.

    Except for the starters, which grass type pokemon do you like the most, and do you have a second favorite type like me?
    I don't hate Fire types. Just Charizard, and Infernape. I actually really like Houndour/Doom, Vulpix/Ninetales, and Volcarona.

    The way you feel about Blaziken is exactly the same way I feel about Infernape. However, Blaziken is currently the superior Pokemon (this was not true last generation though.) Still, I'm learning to respect the monkey because it's useful on my teams.

    Meganium is awesome and needs more love.

    By the way, this is my favorite Bulbasaur/Venusaur pic:


    I always hated fire types, and charizard of course, mostly because of the anime and fire's unnecessary popularity. Maybe that's why i picked the least popular in my first game, the one that is weak to the type i hate, maybe i was thinking to prove myself bulbasaur is better. I'm glad i did. Now i'm telling to people that Venusaur is one of the top four fully-evolved starters, but i never put these four in an order because if they ask me the order, i might say venusaur is number one blindly. So yeah, i think he's the best grass type starter -sceptile is a little overrated-, and best starter in kanto without a doubt. By the way, my second favorite type is also weak to fire, which can't be a coincidence. I like Typhlosion, Infernape and a few other fire types though. I think my only disagreement with you would be about Blaziken, because i really hate him with every single cell in my body. Never liked his design, his cry, well, his everything, he looks like a three year old's drawing to me.

    I also like Meganium, but i feel sad for her sometimes. Like you said, nobody likes her and she's actually not that bad.
    I think I love you.

    Anyway, Bulbasaur has always been my favorite Pokemon. Ever since Generation I. I don't really know why I started liking him, I just did. Venusaur is a fantastic sweeper in the sun and is without a shadow of a doubt the best Grass Starter and the best Kanto Starter in general. I'd even go so far as to say it's the third best Starter of them all, behind Blaziken and Infernape. Judging by the metagame statistics and tier placements, Smogon would agree.

    I also really like Meganium, though nobody else seems to agree.
    Yes, a big one. Bulbasaur is just awesome, there's a reason he's #1 in pokedex. I know it's less popular but i always thought Venusaur is the most useful starter in the first generation, and i believe anyone who picks bulbasaur as a starter and play the game with him 2 or 3 times without pre-judgement, will acknowledge that. After five generations, i can easily say that he is one of the four best fully evolved starters along with swampert (don't like him, but gotta admit, he's good), infernape and empoleon.

    I see you know pretty much everything about grass types, and your fav pokemon is bulbasaur, like me, which is great. Grass is one of my two fav types, the other being Ice-type. I hate the fact that grass types have five weaknesses, and seven types resist grass type attacks. I hate the producers for that. But still, grass type is full of surprises with very unique moves, and there's no way to stop me from loving it.

    Please, tell me more about yourself.
    I see you're a Venusaur fan. You and I should get to know each other better.
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