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Recent content by IFM

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    What is your least favourite elemental type?

    I would say Poison, but Gengar exists so probably normal due to the complete competitive uselessness of it.
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    Introducing the Bulbagarden Mentor Program!

    This seems like a pretty cool idea.
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    The Garden Grotto General Chat

    Will do then. Need to get to fifteen posts some how.
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    What Decade Were You Born In?

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    Things that you hate that everyone else loves

    Everything playing on top 20 radio stations.
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    Ithink this is for people who battle wich game do you want?

    If you want to get into more competitive aspects of Pokemon you could try out Pokemon Online. Its basically a simulator that takes out all the breeding and IVing and focuses a lot more on actual peer vs peer battles.
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    12 real gym leaders

    Sorry about that.
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    The Garden Grotto General Chat

    Hi. Came here because Badal made me join BCL.
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    Rules Forum Rules (VB4 Edition)

    Why do we need 15 posts to PM?
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    12 real gym leaders

    Generic challenging post.
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    General Discussion

    Absolutely no reason to use probopass. I guess magneton could pass as useable if you want a faster trapper, but at that point you might as well use scarfzone.
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    The BCL auction discussion thread

    Time to win.
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    Bulbagarden Champions League 2 [Sign Up Thread]

    BW OU (sim)