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Recent content by Illidan

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    A Stranger Is Just A Friend You Haven't Met

    I wasn't sure if this belongs in Pokémon World or here because the subject matter really deals with both. With my car being repaired the other day, I made a rather lengthy walk from school to work. During the walk, I made my way through a residential area. It was a rather nice day, so many...
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    Matt reporting in

    Hey there, Yamato. Welcome to BMGf, hope you have fun here :3
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    How are you feeling today?

    Strangely, I'm feeling at peace.
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    Reason behind your username

    Syaoran Li was always my favorite character in Card Captor Sakura, my all time favorite Anime. And Azure, well... I like the color blue o_O;
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    Would/Do/ you Want Ash to Win Sinnoh league?

    I'm inclined to think Ash will with the Tournament, beat the Elite 4 and lose to Cynthia. The current series has been big to advertise the Elite 4, it feels like heavy foreshadowing.
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    Pokémon Platinum information thread

    I don't think it means there are NEW Regis, just that Regirock, Registeel and Regice can be caught in-game, making it easier to obtain Regigigas.
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    Darkrai to be distributed at Toys 'R' Us: Americans can get it May 31 and June 1

    Hey guys, this is probably old, but related. Toys 'R' Us has this posted on their website: http://www9.toysrus.com/our/tru/prom/2008FreePkmnDwnld/index.cfm I assume when it says you'll need the Pokédex, it means the Sinnoh Pokédex - not the National Pokédex.
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    Darkrai to be distributed at Toys 'R' Us: Americans can get it May 31 and June 1

    Well, I could be wrong, but regardless, Darkrai can be obtained without the National Pokédex.
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    Darkrai to be distributed at Toys 'R' Us: Americans can get it May 31 and June 1

    Actually, if I remember correctly, it shouldn't matter what point you are in the game. Yes, Darkrai isn't in the Sinnoh Pokédex, but you can trade any Pokémon outside of the Sinnoh Pokédex to a Diamond/Pear cartridge at any time. The only limitation on this is (I think) Pokémon won't evolve...
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    Pokemon That Creep You Out?

    Sableye. The thing has DIAMONDS for EYES. Seriously. What the hell?
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    "Apologies" - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals
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    10th Anniversary

    That would at least mark the anniversary of the Pokémon craze in the United States this year (09/01/2008) =o
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    Music What music are you currently listening to?

    Endeverafter - No More Words
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    EeveeTrainer's Userbar Shop

    Hey, these look pretty good. Could I get a few made? Gradient: Blue to white Pokémon: Glaceon Tagline: As Cold As Ice Gradient: Light purple to white Pokémon: Espeon Tagline: Light up the darkness Gradient: (Make this the same as your 'Fire Starter Fanatic' User Bar). Pokémon: Ninetales...