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  • Cornicas here no?

    I actually respect him a lot in terms of politics. If only people there only understood that all sides are willing to defend this country. (Only some here are more willing to take a more world-wide view though. XD)
    "I saw a documentary on Gates (well, it was him and Jobs). As I recall, Gates swiped most of his ideas from other people. That's right, ladies and gentlemen ... the grand old American tradition is only "work" if you can't get it by death or cheating first."

    Hehe, it's the Microsoft way! :p What? Someone else is doing something cool? Let's buy it, throw money at it, and call it our own!
    I'd felt that some of the things I'd said on that thread were approaching angry, and I felt that out of all the people there, you were the one who wasn't trying to bait anyone (read one of evkl's comments where he says that Conservatives on that thread don't live in reality, totally unnecessary). I just wanted to apologize so there weren't any hard feelings.

    Well, I'm more of a Libertarian than a Conservative, and I don't view government in a left-right way. I view it on a scale with Anarchy on the right, and Statism on the Left. The left and right debate all takes place within that, although obviously skewed more toward the Statism side. I feel that the best balance is more skewed toward the Anarchy side, but with enough laws to stop illegal things (murder). And I'm probably snippier online too, plus I can't convey my views properly, so I get annoyed.

    But enough about me, I shouldn't talk about myself this much. Thanks for responding to me!
    Hey, ImJessieTR, I just wanted to apologize for some of the things I've said in the health care thread. I know I've been an ass to you, but haven't really said anything that deserves some of the things I've said. I just felt bad for saying things that sounded ignorant and condescending. Again, I'm sorry.
    Ah allergies...I hate them. But it's cool to know that you're in Nursing School now! I'm in college now and I'm studying to be a teacher. The Muppets? That's interesting...I think I'll read it.
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