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  • I'm finally done with the trade.....xD

    It took the longest time to connect....X_X

    Just waiting for them to cancel the trade now. =]
    Sorry, took me a while. xD Bulba is being a bit slow for me for some reason. I've got one trade ahead of you. =] I'll let you know when I'm done. Sound good? :D
    Sorry for the delay. xD I got so upset with the iPad I just gave up completely. I kept hitting wrong keys and having to back and change it, which took forever, and then sometimes it wouldn't capitalize stuff. >:[ I'm so imcompetent with it. >.<

    Anyways, about the mewtwo.
    The EVs are all over the place so I'm guessing it's not EV trained.
    EV: 56/165/52/81/42/114
    Um. D| Did I ever trade with you like I was supposed to? I just sorta thought I did but now I'm not sure uuuuh if I didn't trade with you I'M REALLY SORRY but I'll be online more than I have been (yay computer crapping out) so you can message me if you still want to trade. I know it's been like weeks so apologizes again D: it's okay if you don't wanna trade anymore lol
    I will check as soon as I can. I'm in the airport right one on my moms iPad...xD so not used to this thing. x.x
    I'm usually on around 2pm and then 8pm onwards my time. I didn't manage to contact you during this weekend unfortunately or I could go online during am.
    Gosh why is it so hard to catch you online! Do you have any other times besides PM (yours)?? orz
    Hola! =D

    As I recall, I owe you a Mewtwo, correct? :D (That's it, right? xD I'm paranoid that I'll forget something.)

    I can meet you in wifi! ^_^
    Hey! Sorry about earlier. I thought I just missed you, then went offline to do something. Are you still online now?
    Thanks so much for the Pokemon! Hope you like your Turtwig. It has Solar Beam as an added bonus :)

    Not that it really matters, what with TMs being reusable these days.
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