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  • If you want to go ahead and add it to your signature, that should be fine as long as there's no conflicts with other people wanting it. I'll update those threads tonight. Sorry for the wait on those!
    I like the Skype group idea! Unfortunately, I don't have Skype, but it sounds like it would be really great for making community more like friends.
    Don't worry about it. Give your dude whatever you think seems good for a story. That said, this RP will be a bit short. By the end your characters should be pretty tough, but not extremely. I plan to have this one be...20, 30ish pages, then a sequel. Assuming it gets that far. Of course things might go differently, but that's my intention.
    Hah, I don't have a list. I just watch what my dog does and them I'm like "hey cool idea man that should be how my character acts".
    Ah, sorry, dint see your old VMs. Um. Thank you, and yes it has been a long time. And Bounty Hunters was a while ago. I like the dude you have now.
    I loved the original series and GX xD but I dropped out of Yu Gi Oh halfway through 5DS cause I kept getting bullied at school for liking it, so I kind of got frustrated with it I guess. I was still hesitant to get into this anime but it's actually eptty un if...entirely nonsensical as this series tends to be xD
    Right now I'm reading a lot of things xD but the main series I'mr eading is one called World Embryo, it's a seinen and it's rpetty good actually.

    And I'm watching a lot of ongoing anime but I guess the main thing I'm watching is Yu Gi Oh Arc V after a friend of mine kept begging me to watch it.
    Yeah but I mean Ao no Exorcist didn't really become some kind of mainstream series xD plus it was specifically targetted at teens while Yu Gi Oh was targeted at children so parents got more gung ho, Harry Potter got darker as it went along so it's justified.

    Eh....I've seen too many characters like Mephisto in anime not gonna lie xD so I didn't really find him that interesting.
    I didn't get to episode 10 though xD

    I keep up with the manga, didn't really watch the anime but the manga is really good.
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