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Infinity Storm
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  • I read some of the manga for it well most of it though it took a long time for the chapters to be translated. I watched the first couple of episodes but I didn't like it too much, the first 4 episodes rushed through the first arc way too quickly.
    Oh hey sorry didn't notice the edit on your last VM...just drop me a line again when you want to battle.
    Well you had more you could do than I did xD

    Oh, that actually sounds pretty cool :eek: comment on the Persona 5 trailer.
    I have no idea how I'm going to do that.

    Speaking of set ups, I took a look at your concept and I like it. I think you have a very good starting point.
    Thanks :p

    I study engineering, informatics to be exact.

    No, all the separate missions will be in the same thread.
    I thought you were spot on in just about every point you presented, and it was evident you did your research. Very impressive, and gutsy to talk about that.
    It wasn't particularly in depth, thought I probably could have written it so (Religious Studies and Philosophy from college contributes to that), but it's here if you're interested. My argument in short is that Arceus can't be seen as an omnipotent, Judeo-Christian God
    Do you make distinctions between the different Pokémon media? Between, say, the anime and the games for example
    Well, it's always nice to learn that you have a reader you didn't know about. As it happens I just last night updated The Long Walk
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