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  • So first NoE censored a conversation about Tharja's "boingy bits", and now NoA censored Tharja's ass while wearing a bikini. Damn Nintendo and their prude Tharja hating ways.
    Haha, knowing myself I'll probably end up doing the same. I wish I would be able to buy all the dlc the US has already :c
    Also even if my plan would work the Lucina / her mom / siblings supports would still be just awful to reach, as her mother is decided by chapter 10 but you still need to work through untill chapter 15 before you finally get Lucina. And then you still need to actually build the supports.

    Yeah I don't think I'll ever have a full support log on this game x)
    I was thinking about setting up an A-support only save file in order to get as much supports in one go as possible by asbusing multiple save slots. But with seeing how much trouble getting each child costs (plus the support building time) that plan no longer seems as effective anymore ^^"
    That takes so much time though, and I'm lazy. I already did so much grinding to get all the supports in order to get all the children. Maybe I'll do it on the higher difficulties when I might actually need the skills.

    Haha yeah I noticed that too on some official art. My avatar and thus Severa have dull brown hair though. One thing I do wish they had implemented are more unique children/parent support conversations, apparently they're all the same regardless of who the parent is :/
    I'm doing my first play on normal modern so I know I'll finish the game at least once and not ragequit halfway through like with shadow dragon for the ds. I might try classic sometime but I really have to make sure I won't mind losing units while doing so (which I normally mind a lot). Also do you actively reclass units in order to gain good skills? Because I don't. x)

    Also haha, I'm currently married to Cordelia :p
    Oh awesome. I'm still in my first playthrough since it has only been released just over a week here. So what's the highest difficulty you finished it on? And who did you marry?
    Hey Ino, do you have Fire Emblem Awakening? iirc I've seen you play it in my friendlist at some point. [/not stalkerish at all]
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