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  • Sounds perfect! Do you get much free time? I'm in India, so kind of not that abroad for me :p But never worked here so it's a shock to the system! I hate not having Saturdays off for one...
    Amazing, congratulations! Is it a job you wanted? Settling in well?

    I'm ok! Doing a work placement abroad atm, which NGL is bloody hard. Both looking forward to and dreading the somewhat imminent end of studies and being thrown into the real world :p
    Yeah, I haven't been able to work during my studies at all. Tbh it may be better to save for some time and then finish studying? I don't know it's so tough :-/

    Did you decide you carry on with studies in the end or are you pursuing work instead of that? It's really hard in the UK to justify uni these days when it costs so much more than it used to. I was the last year when fees were around £3000 but now they're £9000 at least and my sister for example just sees no point in getting that much debt when you just end up unemployed at the end.

    Oh wow!!!!! How many years has that been now?! Jeeeez most of the relationships I've witnessed have lasted no longer than 2 minutes :p
    Yeah that's life isn't it? Basically all of my friends have had to do that before actually getting paid work - it's a shit market right now :-/

    Any good boy goss with you? ;-) (Spoilers: I have none.)
    I'm ok thanks! Really busy with bloody boring admin... I'm taking a year out but it's still 3 weeks before that officially begins so I'm just bored and waiting for now! :p

    How are you? What are you up to these days? Have you gone anywhere exciting???
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