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  • Awesome!! I am sooo in, then! I wish I could do more to actually help with development, but I know nothing about code...only graphics, and you have that skill covered quite well. :p
    Aw awesome!! Sounds like a fun game. I love puzzle games. Well when you have a working beta, be sure to let me know!
    Ive never understood game coding.
    Well I was reading them! I love your work. I was so disappointed when I thought you'd left. You totally must continue now! Its an order!

    Thanks!! And game development? Awesome!! You so have to send me a beta or something! Hows it coming along? Whats it about?
    Ah well Im glad you're back! I dont think you finished those fics you were posting...
    Plus you're fun to talk to, so I missed you. :)
    Im happy that you remembered us again!

    Im holding up quite well, thanks! Got a job as a graphic designer. How about you? Still doing Tech Support? What have you been upto?
    And lawl, a computer science/engineering degree! I'm doing the same thing!

    Actually, we should totally maybe possible make a game together! Because I'm getting booored of not doing anything of the sort now! The job I do have is too... business-y than the kind of programming I'd like to do.

    Why yes, I have just managed to make an over-3,000 character post right now! ...I think it's just really getting ridiculous now though.
    What do you say to moving this to DeviantArt, via notes? Especially as I check DA more than I do here.
    Also, hurr Game Design. Everyone wants to do game design, but it's waay harder than you think. Most people just want to be a Game Designer so that they have the big say in what the game should have though. In any case, there's no point trying to aim for a career in it, because if you're actually good at it it shows in those small games you make.
    For you, I would've suggested... graphics designer. From what I can tell, it looks like the thing you could do best!

    And that game...
    There's just a massive imbalance between the really-good graphics/animation (aside from the odd thing here and there) and the outright pathetic programming/game design. I mean the programming is something I could've done in half an hour when I was 12, and the game design is... well I never would've thought of anything as bad as that. Even my dinkly little text-only BASIC games I made when I was 2 had better gameplay then "avoid perfectly static obstacles"!
    What kind of game I'd like to work on? Well... I guess I don't really have a preference. I'd prefer to work with a smaller project team than a larger one, and certainly not something that's shovelware, trying-to-take-a-genre/franchise-straight-and-run-with-it, or... large-sprite platformers. Seriously, with small sprites it's easy, but with large sprites you have the very big problem of that you can't just have a character hang by their toe! It's why I could never get the physics in my university game working entirely properly (although I did have something that worked really well done) and in turn why I didn't carry on the project by myself with the engine (sillhouette graphics = easy).
    Oh, and I did work on other games too, but they didn't work out. If you ever get on MSN at any point ever I'll tell you about them if you want.
    Well yeah, I suppose if you have one of those sucky computer-related jobs you have a reason for not wanting to stay on the computer. Sorta. Well okay not really, but you at least have a nice-looking excuse!

    Yeah, it once got covered in snow. And by "covered", I mean by about one inch of snow, because IT'S IRELAND, NOT GREENLAND!

    As for girlfriend? Well, to put the whole thing in bullet points:
    -Were friends for about a year online, eventually went out.
    -Six months later, her mother found out ...that not only was she dating someone online, but she was talking to other people too! Really crazy mother, did not want that happening. Was really harsh, banned her from the internet, wouldn't say how long.
    -Five months later, still no word.
    Ohhhh, also:

    What career are you planning to go into, btw?

    For me, it's VIDYOGAEM PROGRAMMIN! Just because I love videogames and love programming.
    Or, as far as Fox News are concerned, because I HATE CHILDREN AND WANT TO MAKE THEM AS DUMB AND VIOLENT AS POSSIBLE!
    You can get sick of using a computer?! Man you're strange!

    And yeah, the sea is sorta neat. It doesn't do much, it just... sorta sits there, really. But at least it's nice to look at, since I can see it from my house (I live on a hill, y'see. Hills are awesome!)

    And the problem with having a bishie-face is that the only girls I seem to attract are Yaoi fans!
    ...That, and I already have a girlfriend!
    ...........Who may or may not be dead. Yyyyyyeah, I sorta add a whole new meaning to the phrase "it's complicated".

    Also, the Robotnik thing doesn't start until August.
    Haha u like it?! I actually have a random toucan painting on my wall...I have no idea why its there.
    Yeah, that happens alot with me...words like 'guitar', 'corner', etc...

    Japan has used underwear vending machines? Why? Seriously, what use or purpose could that possibly have?!
    With the Hitler thing, I wrote a report on him for Year 11 History. That was the first fact I learned, and suddenly his whole screwed up way of seeing the world started to make sense. Or at least, what made him so twisted.

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is a Final Fantasy concert? How does that work?
    Also, a Final Fantasy concert?
    Actually, on that note, I haven't properly played any of the main Final Fantasy games. I mean, I've played some:
    Final Fantasy 1: Sucked, naturally enough.
    Final Fantasy 6: It was fun... up until the point where monsters started really kicking my ass (some time around when I had to climb a mountain) and, considering how badly they were beating me, I was just not interested in grinding that much.
    Final Fantasy 8: HAH! AHAHAH! Oh man that sucked!
    Final Fantasy 9: Stopped playing after I realised that I've been "playing" this game for AGES and still haven't got in a proper battle. Also I couldn't stand the whole Badly-Compressed 2D Background thing.
    Final Fantasy 10: Also sucked! Horribly! Stopped playing at about the Waterball game part... thing.

    Okay I think I've written too much now. I mean, I separated this into three posts because I needed to, it was extending past the character limit TWICE!

    Well okay, actually my facial hair grows at a phenomenally slow rate. As in, it grows at about 1/10th the rate normal people's would.
    Also, I don't need shaving cream to shave and I never get cuts.
    Err.. sorry, The Wizard.

    It's not hot enough over here for it to be humid.
    ...either that or I'm confusing humid with something else.
    ......on reconsideration, I never went to any place that wasn't somewhere near the sea. Huh. Bloody Europe and its Everywhere Borders The Sea!
    (fun fact: where I live, if you just walk one mile south then WHOOPS YOU'RE DROWNING!)

    Also, saying "maybe they'll make Steel more useful" implies that it's even possible to be more kick-awesome than it already is!

    And I think I know exactly what you were thinking when you said... that.
    ......which was "Why do I keep putting these semi-colons after my smilies?"
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