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  • Umm, not really but if it's not too much trouble it would be useful to have more with it! Most of mine are immune now :( And I'm ready to trade whenever you are. My FC is 5113 6363 2400
    Btw, if you have any of these that would be awesome but if not, anything will do :)

    Ive just realised, did you include DST when you said 3pm GMT ? because during DST, GMT becomes GMT + 1 ..... :/ hope you werent here an hour ago waiting ^^
    Well, I thought we'd agreed on Murkrow, Sneasel & Scizor. I still have a male Empoleon (lvl 37) if you'd prefer instead of the female Scizor (lvl 52).
    just swithing my ds back on and heading to it. I should warn you, my wi fi is being a dickhead tonight, so it might be that perhaps we wont be able to do everyting tonight :s I hope so still ^^
    Sorry didnt see the message, sure thing I ll throw in the scizor. Im living in england, so UTC + 0. Let me know when you ll be free ;)
    Im ready when you are, I have murkrow (Female, lv.17, Hardy) & Sneasel (male, lv.35, relaxed). And of course whichever other pokemone Ive mentioned before
    well I do have an empoleon who's sitting around doing nothing :p hes got: surf, waterwall, metal claw, ice beam, lvl37, calm nature, male. Obtained him through trade, so no nickname possible. I also have a scizor and weavile if you re interested.

    Well if you could evolve 2 eevee into 1 flareon and 1 Vaporeon, that would be great. Otherwise, nothing, cheers.
    Well i had a sneasel but evolved it yesterday :p, I can capture another one quickly, I can do the same for murkrow, but I cant have misdreavus in my versoin, I can look it up on the GTS for you though. And I havent seen (eand therefore cant look for) any kanto starters or torchic, at most I can have a murkrow and a sneasel quikly, just need to recapture them.

    I'll contact you when all is done ;)

    (sorry I cant PM you, havent posted enough yet^^)
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