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  • I know.. I like Bel better, but I think Iris will have a bigger role in the future, after all, she is a gym leader in the games. I've been watching Best Wishes in japanese D:

    That game rocks!.. along with Plants vs Zombies :D
    Indeed, dude, that's exactly why I picked Black, besides, I don't want to fight Iris, I don't even like her in the anime, I'm sure I won't like her in the games.

    You're an Apple-lover?, that's cool, but the only Apple-related stuff I have it's my iPod, and boy, I love it.
    I really want an iPhone, just for the Angry Birds game D:
    Everything's good, dude!
    Been playing Pokémon Black this week, it's pretty good.
    What about you?
    Thank you so much you practically saved my life I've been looking for it everywhere! :D
    Sure Ill take a look at them I will be more than happy to :D
    Yep its great so far! Do you know where to read the mange I NEED to read it o.o Lol same here I mean and I was complaining about Blair and Whitlea now I really should mind but oh well you name your character anyways:p
    Ohh cool I also have a DA account! :DD
    Your welcome ! :D
    Ive been good lately and you? :) Ive been ever better cause I just got my Blakc version! Finally the wait was over I still couldn't believe it that I had it in my very own hands XDD
    Hey its you Birthday!!!! What a great date to fall March 6! XDD
    Hope you have a great and many many presents to come your way :D
    Yeah, especially since you can't always take everything the right way and people tend to be a little more defensive.. D: It's a shame.

    Sure, creating friendships is always better than leaving any hard feelings. :D
    Hey, I just wanted to say I'm sorry I got a little prickly in that thread. I meant no offence. ^^'
    I get what you mean, I'm just glad you're that much more understanding than some of the less tolerant people I've had the misfortune to speak to ;3
    jajaja, I wish, today I woke up to the sound of bullets, it was pretty close to my house, I'm gettin' really tired of that shit... it was pretty early in the morning =/
    What about you?, how are you doing?
    Yeah, it is!!... if you're interested in that kind of stuff, you should totally go to Cancun, there's this place called Xcaret, where there's a ball game, like in the old times.
    I went to see it last years, and it was great!
    Also, in the capital, there's a place called Tetihuacan... the Sun Pyramid is insaneeee!...
    I like Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes and HIM :D
    If you want to come to Mexico, you should totally go to Cancun, that's my second favorite place ever!
    Finland?, that's pretty badass if you ask me, I'd love to live on a cold country (besides, some of my favorite bands are from over there!)
    ajaja nah, I live in a town called Tepic, it's actually pretty ugly (it's the capital of the state of Nayarit, but it feels like a town to me)
    Where do you live, dude?
    It's ugly where I live, last night, some dude got shot because a couple of assholes tried to steal his truck, but they couldn't, the police was a couple of minutes from there and they ran away.
    It's actually kinda sad
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