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  • Thanks for the welcome :3
    Isaac Gates
    Isaac Gates
    No problem! I like your sign up in aeon. By any chance do you watch Red Vs Blue?
    Eh, I started watching it back when it came out, but after 6 or 7 eps I just couldn't get into it. A real shame about Monty Oum though, I LOVED all his older fight series.
    Also I just realized I totally read RvB as RWBY for some reason? Poo-brain? Yeah I watched RvB a long time ago, I think around the time Caboose was dating the Scorpion tank or something? lol
    Don’t worry about it Neo, I just figured you had more pressing matters to attend to. Or you wanted to wait until you had enough time to write a response because man do I write a lot to respond to. xD As you can see it’s taken me a few days to reply as well. Not because I don’t enjoy talking with you, but ya know, others things come up. You respond whenever is most convenient for you.

    For shame. >:eek: Although you’ll probably be less biased than me when watching V3 then, so that’s one good thing about that.

    Yeah, the implications of that conversation don’t paint Papa Schnee in the best light. Taiyang has to have at least somewhat of a jovial demeanor though. I mean it’s like you said, he sent his dog in the mail to his kids instead of leaving him at home with a sitter or something. The other insights we have into his personality are Ruby’s and Yang’s comments about his over-protectiveness in their eyes (and who can blame him really after everything he's lost), and then Yang’s recollection of her childhood where he “shut down” for a period of time after Summer’s disappearance. All of that combined paints him as a big over-affectionate dork who loves his daughters and would do everything in his power to protect them. I can’t wait to meet him. ;w;
    I could see an arrangement being made where Oobleck officially looks after Zwei so he could stay on campus. He probably hate to see the little guy go. Maybe he’d even help the professor with classroom lectures. xD

    You’re far too kind with your words, but I thank you all the same for those compliments. x3 Oh no, that was just a joke, I haven’t written any RWBY fanfics due to lack of dedication and trying to be canon compliant. I have a few scenarios in my head, but I don’t think I could properly flesh out the details in text, especially in regards to the setting and actions. I’ve read quite a few that I enjoyed though. Have you read this one already? It’s just, wow, let’s please have a whole episode dedicated to this scenario playing out. (That Bumbleby paired up with that backstory. <3 I see you’re a fan of that ship as well? :D I can’t decide if I like Blake better with Sun or Yang, it’s just too difficult, I need it to be a canon OT3.)

    It’s probably the Schnee way. (Not counting this one, lol.)
    I’m looking forward to the reunion between the sisters and Qrow with his nieces so much! x3 Partially because of that point you brought up, how Weiss opted not to talk to her back in V2 Chapter 3. At this point it’s anyone’s guess, although she didn’t seem too adamantly against it. But that could have just been to save face in front of someone outside the family. At this point I’m guessing Weiss is living in her sister’s shadow and feels like she is nowhere close to measuring up to her, regardless of if her sister’s interactions with her are loving or aloof/practically nonexistent.
    I’m guessing Winter has been in good standing with their father for some time if that operator could easily get in contact with her, even if she isn’t an official employee of the company for whatever reason. I can’t see either her or their father entirely disapproving of Weiss’ being at Beacon. If Papa Schnee didn’t want her to be at Beacon, she wouldn’t be at Beacon. She had all that luggage and butlers bringing it into the school, and she wasn’t pulled out and brought back home, so she must have had his blessing. And as far as we know I don’t think being a hunter(ess) is seen as beneath a Schnee. It might even be required of them by the head of the family.

    I wonder if Weiss to do any convincing to get herself to Beacon. If it’s the best school in the world of Remnant, probably not much, if any. I could see Papa Schnee wanting to keep her at home just to be safe, but Weiss somehow convinced him to let her go. (Perhaps this ties into the White trailer, with her fight with the knight being a factor I whether she would be allowed to go.) No teachers have made any references to Winter (probably due to time constraints but bear with me), so I’m guessing she did not attend Beacon. Assuming Weiss is trying to establish herself as her own person outside of her sister’s shadow, this is probably one of the major reasons she chose to come to the academy.
    I’m also assuming Winter will regard the White Fang and Faunus in the same manner as Weiss did back in V1, if not more so. I can’t imagine the Schnee household being filled with a lot of positive discussion in regards to either topic.
    …that’s a lot of assuming, and a lot of it is probably wrong. xD But yeah, guess we’ll find out in the next couple of months.

    I know, right? xD I hope she makes another smarmcut soon. I also wish there were full versions of some of her AMVs. (1:57-2:31) [sub]If I ever annoy you with all of these links please let me know. It’s just, there’s so much RWBY goodness to be shared. ;w;[/sub]
    Ironwood taking Roman’s hat away is a greater crime than anything Roman ever did. And I see you’re not the biggest Jaune fan either?

    Or someone with too much time on her hands whose become very invested in the series. xD But yes, go watch again. And then again and again! >:3c Maybe with commentary. I’ve listened to the director’s commentary for episodes 1 - 10 of V1 and it’s pretty funny.
    All we can do is hope that the staff has a reason beyond bashing viewers over the head with “HEY LOOK THESE TWO ARE CONNECTED!!” for making Raven look like a Yang recolor. A better in-universe reason than the explanation behind all of the color names pls. (Seriously that speech came out of nowhere Ozpin. Everything regarding the Grear War is so vague and generic, it feels more tacked on than a firm ground that provides a solid base for the series.) It is weird that despite having no biological relationship to Ruby, Raven shares her color theme with her. (Giving some credence to that “Ruby and Yang are cousins through Qrow and Raven” theory running around. [sub] I ain’t even mad[/sub])

    And I know! “No Brakes” was such a good episode, they should have had that as the season finale instead.

    Each time I take it Yang ends up being #1, followed by Weiss, Blake, Neo, then Ruby. (I hate that quiz for making me choose between Team RWBY members. >:s They’re all on the same level for me, maybe Ruby at just a smidge less than the other three.) My sister hates me for ranking Neo so high haha, she absolutely hates her for being so smug and having that no holds barred beatdown of Yang in “No Brakes.” But I love her for it because holy shit strong opponents increased tensions RISING CONFLICT we are in desperate need of all of these things in this show.

    We also need more Ruby and Blake interaction because I honestly can't remember them exchanging more than two lines of dialogue after that first night at Beacon (not counting their conversation in the V1 finale because it happened offscreen.) Like damn throw the LadyBug shippers a bone.
    [Part 1/4 because I rmbl a lot about RWBY]
    Again same. I hope no ones gives him shit over it (for the most part I think people will be supportive but there's always trolls.)

    He isn't what I pictured in my head... which admittedly isn't very fair to him. xD; I guess I'm just so used to him voicing younger and more sillier characters like Edward (mostly this one; I watched the dub first back when it aired in 2004 so he is Ed Elric to me) and Tamaki that Qrow seems out of place. (I'm biased by my headcanon of Qrow as the straight man to Taiyang's antics.) This is despite watching the dub of Saiyuki where he was the more serious Kougaiji and AoT where he was Eld Jinn (though that was a much more minor role compared to the others listed here.) I'm not vehemently opposed to him as Qrow, it's just more like "huh, wouldn't have been my first choice." Given time and actually hearing him in the role I'll probably change my mind.
    I think they would both go to the tournament partially to see their daughters fight, although as of this point in time I see them as opposites in how they interact with their kids. Taiyang's warm, openly dorky, and has a penchant for puns (which Yang inherited). Papa Schnee is cold, aloof, probably verbally abusive.
    The way I see each being introduced in the series:
    Taiyang shows up to pick up Zwei while Qrow goes to talk with Ozpin and he's being a dorky dad to all of Team RWBY. It's par the course for Ruby and Yang but Weiss and Blake are kind of thrown off by it. And then later after Taiyang and Qrow leave to go back to their hotel/whatever Weiss has a chat with Ruby and Blake has a chat with Yang which basically amounts to this:

    Weiss/Blake: "Your dad is really...eccentric."
    Ruby: "Oh geez I'm sorry Weiss I know he can be a bit much-"/Yang: "Haha yeah, he can be a bit much, I'm sorry if he made you uncomfortable."
    Weiss: "No no, it's different from what I've been accustomed to, but it... it was nice."/ Blake: "It was a bit awkward... but it wasn't bad. It was... nice."
    [sub]help the hiatus has been killing me i've started writing fanfiction
    I just want Team RWBY to be one big happy family and for White Rose (and maybe Bumbleby) to happen. T^T[/sub]
    As for Papa Schnee, being the head of the Schnee Dust Company he'll probably make a grand entrance in Vale. Weiss will be there to greet with respectfully with a bow, and he'll barely acknowledge it because that's just how Schnees operate. Then he'll probably go off to have a meeting with Ironwood to talk of military projects and the situation in Vale.
    ...or at least that's what I thought prior to Winter being shown at RTX. Perhaps she'll be there in his stead. And be an Anti-Yang in terms of sisterly interactions. When Volume 3 comes we'll see how far off the mark I am. xD

    And same. As much as I enjoy RWBY I do have a number of complaints about it. (Not sure if you've seen this already but my reaction to Raven's reveal was pretty similar to this YouTuber's @3:10 [sub]do not watch the whole thing if you are a big Jaune fan though lol[/sub]) Based on the blurry effects and wind chime in the background it seems like the whole thing was a dream sequence. I really hope this proves to be true because that makes the Yang recolor a lot more forgivable in my book. If Raven can dimension hop with her sword, it isn't too much of a stretch to me that she could somehow enter Yang's dream. And then, in order to get Yang's attention more quickly, she takes on her appearance because fuck it's a dream she can do whatever she wants.
    If it wasn't a dream, and she actually does look almost identical to her daughter save for her hair color, eye color (she doesn't look pissed or beat up so it doesn't look like Yang inherited her semblance from her), and some other extremely minor differences...wtf? Really? I could see it being explained away as her semblance or something, but man, you couldn't come up with a better idea for her appearance, assuming it's her actual, unaltered one? Like oof after the initial wow factor over certain parts of the finale wore off (Team CFVY!!) I was so disappointed.

    Do you have any ideas/headcanons you'd like to share? Have you already taken the Beaconship quiz?
    Same, I'm sure Monty would be happy too.

    I did! I'm so excited to meet the both of them. x3 (Though I wouldn't have pegged Vic Mignogna to voice Qrow.) I'm wondering if Papa Schnee and Taiyang will be coming for the tournament too, it's such a perfect set up to bring in all these characters we've only heard of in conversation.

    What were your thoughts on Volume 2's stinger with Raven?
    Thanks! For the compliment and your understanding. ^^

    Your theme is great btw, I can't wait to see Neo again in Volume 3.
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