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  • That's fine. It's Suicune (JPN) I would need to complete the set, so let me know when you've picked and I'll clone it and trade.
    It's from Pokémon Colosseum, basically analogously to XD Lugia. Here's the link.

    As for 10 ANNIV, I have the birds, the dogs and the Lati twins. I think I have 10th Lugia somewhere, I definitely don't have 10th Ho-oh.
    Define "rare". Honestly I don't keep a list or spreadsheet - I just pop up when someone has something I'd want or asks for something I can provide. I assume you mean earlier generation events? Also, you'll be aware of this but I can't provide much by way of proof for anything a generation or older. I have checked them all to the best of my ability and I have tossed fakes before.

    Would Mattle Ho-oh (for instance) count? Or XD Lugia? Or any 10th Anniversaries you may be missing?
    Yes I did. Did you clone the Meloetta?

    This is what I thought was going to happen in the first place. Again, I'm sorry for causing so much confusion and delay by not being clear in the first place.
    ... $1500? Okay, you win the expenses round. My car has had a number of small issues (dodgy alternator, cracked exhaust pipe, front tyre scrub, warped disc, etc.) but even the total of those repairs wouldn't amount to that much. I suppose that's the benefit of getting a cheap runner - it's never 100% fine but fixes are relatively easy and cheap. I don't blame you for getting rid.

    I should be okay to trade whenever you see me online, unless I'm already in a trade.
    Don't worry, I clearly wasn't aware either. I'm not going to hold it against you (because that would be stupid and petty) when I am to blame more than yourself.

    Best to send me a message when you're ready though. Please get your car fixed first - hopefully it isn't as much of a pain as my Punto...
    Did you find out what nature your shiny Rapidash is? Sorry for the slow response, but I've been incredibly busy!
    You made mention of cloning it when you first asked, so I assumed that was the case again. My apologies for making the wrong assumption.

    I'm happy to trade the Raikou back as well (again I assumed you had cloned it and therefore you weren't trading your only event), although it really is going to have to wait until tomorrow now.
    It's getting late here and I have an early morning start. I assume you've cloned the Meloetta by now? If you can tell me exactly when you'll be online to make the trade back it would be appreciated. If you can get it back to me in the next couple of hours I can stay up for it, because obviously I would prefer to not leave it longer than I absolutely have to.
    Hey, my 3DS is running low on battery and I don't have the charger to hand so if you could let me know when you've cloned the Meloetta so I can get online to trade back that would be a big help.
    Excellent, I've been staring at you on my Friends List waiting for you to finish your business Bank! I thought you were fetching something so I didn't want to go in-game until you had finished.

    I'll get in-game now and wait to see you online.
    Cool. I'll be online as soon as I can but that may still be a few hours from now.

    Just to double-check it's Gamestop (not WIN2011) shiny Raikou you've got to trade, right?
    Then I can oblige. You can choose between a Japanese trained (L24) or English untrained (L50).

    As for what I'd like ... we've had this conversation before and it took a long time. Did you find that Raikou at all, or do you not have it?
    Yeah I've got a few. Do you want one or are you asking for a trade with somebody else?
    I'm interested in trading one of the codes for the modest Genesect. What nature is your shiny Rapidash?
    Yeah I get that, and I don't blame you for being so skeptical. The only thing I would say is that I've never seen a video of an event being obtained - usually the best you can get are time-stamped photos of the 3DS with the received wondercard. However, I've only been collecting for a year so maybe it was the done thing for previous generations.

    Obviously I'm not able to provide that for this Arceus (but I trust the OT, and I've not stopped looking for others either) so I hope that you get a hold of one that satisfies your requirements.
    No, this one's come from a trade so I didn't download it myself. I've already checked it to the best of my ability and I can't see anything wrong with it (I'd be mighty pissed if it was hacked - I gave up a Darkrai code for this), but shiny Arceus is more or less the Holy Grail of events so I understand the caution.

    Out of interest, what would constitute proof to you?
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