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Jul 10, 2018
Jun 6, 2008
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Jan 17, 1992 (Age: 26)


The Deputy, 26, from England

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Jul 10, 2018
    1. DashingFox
      So I caved and bought a switch *loathes self*

      Now to patiently wait for Smash and to dream of KH for switch... If Sora somehow makes into Smash, it's all over - life is complete and the world can end right there and then.
    2. DashingFox
      No, you cow! You're supposed to tell me I shouldn't spend my money on one at at all.
      Also, I have never had interest in the FE series - not even slightly!
    3. DashingFox
      HALP! I told myself I won't buy anymore consoles bc let's face it, besides smash & BotW on like, holidays, I have no time to play the games I have!
      But they've teased SSB5 for Switch & I'm SO READY to toss money at a Switch once released ;_;. Also the KH 3 guy said a Switch version may be possible once the XB1 & PS4 ones are done. I swear if there's a system with both SSB & KH, I'll sacrifice people to have it!
    4. Trainer Gabriel
      Trainer Gabriel
      Happy birthday!
    5. ii kanji
      ii kanji
      Lol rather you than me, last time I went was in a recent nightmare...

      How's life anyway?
    6. DashingFox

      Oh, Iteru-kun, you're so jacked *swoons*

      Teach me your ways!
    7. ii kanji
      ii kanji
      So you've been going to the gym! Ho ho ho!!

      Anyway... Merry Christmas!
    8. DashingFox
      Merry Christmas, you bum!

      Tell me all about your newfound buffness and how the gym has changed your life :D
    9. DashingFox
      I'm jealous! And proud too I suppose.. :P Keep it up, and let me know of you success story. Perhaps you will be my inspiration to get off my lazy arse and go.
    10. DashingFox
      I know I haven't been active much, but where did the reply button go?? Lulz I can't remember how ;_;

      Anyways..EW GYM! I've lost a bit too much weight over the last year and a bit and I keep trying to convince myself to go to the gym and bulk up a little - but laziness always prevails! (Never been). How was it?
    11. Max1996
      How was the 5th tri movie if you've seen it?
    12. DashingFox
      So what else is happening with you? Any studies? New games? Devouring of souls?

      I haven't played Smash in so long I feel like I've abandoned a child :'(
      1. Iteru
        Ah just normal crap :P Starting the gym this week o.0
        Game wise I've mostly been on the PS4.
        Oct 29, 2017
    13. DashingFox
      I hope your workplace converts to an accounting firm overnight.
    14. DashingFox
      Same on both counts :( Then again it's always audit time at work for me lulz
    15. DashingFox
      How have you been, you butt?
    16. ii kanji
    17. Lillaic2
      Hey why is my account broken?
    18. The Puppetmaster
    19. ii kanji
      ii kanji
      I can't believe I am going to be working in this place shortly... Don't know if my future salary will allow me luxuries like sweets?!
    20. ii kanji
      ii kanji
      Till 96 like our dearest Duke?
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    Jan 17, 1992 (Age: 26)


    Avatar is "Neon Tiger" by Andreas Thust.
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