• Snowy challenges a fellow Firebrand. Watch here as he competes for his third Gym Badge.
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  • I'm a little worried about today. I'm honestly not mafia. Nobody's responding to me in that thread. I'm surprised that momentum has gone against me so quickly.

    You have an 'o' in it, which is even closer! :O
    Its not that, its the general atmosphere. It lost that slightly darker aspect characters like Paul and Pokehunter J provided early into DP.

    Maybe it'll change after the TR 2-parter.
    Yeah :embarass:

    I'm starting to think that blog was a bad idea, but part of me wants to keep the comments open for a little while longer to see what happens >_>;
    I think Dogasu explains the problem well in his newest comparison. Watching BW feels odd after the DP series.

    On one hand the group dynamics, humor and pacing is better than DP, but on the other hand everything else feels dumbed down a bit.

    The TR/TP 2-parter is the first thing that looks on the level of DP's multi-part arcs.
    Yeah, I don't like the way Ash's team is handled this gen and that's another problem. Getting all the starters is boring and predictable.

    The only way this can be redeemed for me is if all 3 of them evolve to their final forms.

    At the moment only Zugguru interests me.
    Well first I wanted to stick around through the first 10 eps just to see how the series was in general and get to know Iris/Cilan. Then they announced the Dawn/Brock specials, so I had to stick around to see them. Then they announced that TR 2-parter, which I must see. And since the ep right after is Arty's Gym, might as well stick to that.

    BW itself is a good series, I just don't agree with the endless loop nature in general.
    It's part of the job description ^^; My problem however is I always see anyone paired with Dento in a maid outfit, no exception...

    Inability to draw shouldn't hinder your artistic output, just look at the people on deviantart!

    Maybe Shooty can just be the voyeur in this relationship XD

    Dammit, I feel like drawing this now XDD
    I'd ship that in a heartbeat.

    Rapefaceshipping sounds incredibly fitting...Shooti needs to work on his though v_v
    The TCG is a bought-and-sold good. The anime is a relatively-popular kids show based on advertising relationships. In either case, the day-to-day managing isn't with Nintendo. (Though I agree about the TCG; I gave up on it in Gen II. 3 booster-packs were more than enough. This is a problem with every TCG, eventually.)

    Yes, I've been trying to make a name for it for months, but to no avail...The thread didn't help me that much, but I'm leaning toward aceticshipping :3
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