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  • Pokemon's certainly popular for a game, but I wouldn't even call it mainstream. (The fact that a non-mainstream game can sell 15 million copies should be an invitation for companies to make mainstream games. Alas.)
    What do you mean it doesn't have to match? *OCDrage*

    LOLno. I was thinking of incorporating tsutarja in somehow, since they're both girls, and I could see them as friends :) (if only she evolved into a janoby so they'd be more equal in height >_>)
    Paragraph long user titles or bust!

    The writers must have found a good dealer during their original run, then run out of money later...The only one I can watch over and over is the first episode...and it's mainly because of Gary XD

    I was drawing up a Cabernet one, lol. But I do want to make a mamepato avvie...What can I do about the sig though?
    Haven't you used that before? :p I would use "You are the wind beneath my wings" if there were enough space XD

    The lighthouse episode. WTF was that. Why did Bill have a British accent? Why was the dragonite 50 feet tall? Why did Misty and Brock suddenly start dancing with each other?

    Don't tempt me...muahahahaha!
    Some people don't read the usertitle v_v

    Yes, of course! But really...I tried to rewatch a few Kanto episodes and I almost tore out my eyes.

    I still haven't seen any indication he showed BW005. That's inhuman.
    *grabs popcorn and watches Anime Club thread* Oh the mayhem, if only someone with authority were here to stop this :p
    It's a figure of speech. Certainly, everything has some niche.

    The Gamecube is a perfect example of trying to appeal to new generations with no regard for what came before. Pokemon will eventually drop out of the mainstream (or whatever subset of mainstream it's currently within).
    Pokemon's roots are all that give it form. Without them, it's not Pokemon. (It becomes something else -- something nobody will buy.)

    The only options for Pokemon are to ditch those rules and make Pokemon something it's not. Short a major rediscovery at Game Freak (and Nintendo as a whole), they won't solve these issues.
    If certain Pokemon aren't eliminated eventually, the bad ones will clutter and flood the games eventually. If they are eliminated, you alienate fans of those Pokemon. Naturally, Pokemon must enter decline (like all things in life).

    It's begun to reach it's threshold. Ice Cream Cones and Mystical Sage Villians show that what Pokemon is has been diluted. People no longer talk of their favorite Pokemon but their least favorite. It can never recapture its old magic. It'll hobble on for a few generations and combust.

    (This reply isn't as late as my other ones. :p)
    Sure, you can say that if it makes you happy doesn't annoy me.

    Pokemon can't continue forever in it's present form. The series' actions have established a few canon rules: No content (Pokemon, items, moves, abilities, etc.) may be removed. Additional content must be added each generation, to take precedence over old content.

    These appeared to be logical conditions. (Would anybody expect new games with nothing 'new' to be successful?) These assumptions, however, mean that Pokemon will eventually reach 100,000 Pokemon with 35 generations. That's untenable.
    I was happy when you died, too.

    Pokemon is entering decline. Just wait for the 3DS generation, and more people will agree with me. :p
    I go through all of my VMs just to be sure. ^^ (I don't get that many in the first place...)

    No. Real life players. :p
    Ew...how unrefined D:

    For once, I've been accustomed to the jp names before the english! I'm mixing them up all over the place >_>

    I was in a similar predicament with Dawn/Hikari...but that was the ONLY real problem I had with DP...

    Rare candies? :p

    Yeah, I am...but I dunno any more XD The forest seems nice, but I still want Reshiram.
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