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  • Why would they eat something they just excreted from their ass? XD

    My sister thinks that the english name for it is so awesome...
    Why does most of my posts keep getting ignored...

    I mean, like on a general basis do most players' final teams end up the same? (starter, Haxorus, Zebstrika etc) ^^
    Not at all. It was a joke, Iteru. :p *Grew up on a N64 and a GBA*

    As I said. Nobody is educated about scientific process. Global Warming is nothing but political.
    Yep, I used to come home everyday after high school and post on here. It was more or less my favorite website to go on. Then I went to college and pokémon took a backseat for me, as well as my responsibilities as a moderator. But that's life.

    Yeah, unfortunately I was an extremely excited fifteen year old back in those threads.
    It's hit and miss, but SLRs are a definitely different :p

    LOL, sure...disrupt the balance of nature while you're at it :p
    I can't adjust the aperture myself, it's a point and shoot :p

    Yeah, because silkworms need to eat spiders to survive :rolleyes:
    I have been trying my best to find some grants and scholarships, and while some of the universities have offered me some loans and some work-study, I don't know yet.
    The smallness of the worms are highlighted to show the insignificance we all have in life, and how helpless we are in times of peril v_v

    Spiders are cute! I saw a few spiders while I was outside, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for them since they were being swallowed up by all the silkworm threads XD
    I'm kind of looking forward to it (I more want to get out of my high school than anything), but I'm kind of ambivalent overall when it comes to university.

    Again, at least you get subsidies for college. D:
    I've been on bmgf a lot less frequently lately. Don't know if it's because the fanbase on the site is completely different from what it was when I started, bar Scott, or what.

    And a lot of the time I'm here reading and don't end up posting. Like based off the amount I read versus the amount I post I feel like I'm more a member of bmgf than I probably actually come across as being.
    hey at least you get subsidized university... american universities' pricing is obscenely high.

    although I haven't started yet, I'm heading to uni next school year
    I liked it more as the placemat for my milkshake. What a good milkshake.

    Yes, nobody understands a thing about it. OO
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