• Snowy goes in for a rematch against Nessa. Will the tides turn in his favor, or will he get dragged under by the current? Watch here to find out.
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  • I liked it more as the placemat for my milkshake. What a good milkshake.

    Yes, nobody understands a thing about it. OO
    I'm lucky enough to live in an area where they aren't as severe...Although, in my 6th grade year, a buncha them came and did structural damage around my house...nothing too major, a few fallen trees, loose roof shingles, a broken fence or two. I liked the days off from school, but I did NOT like the 24 hour power outage >_>

    Haha, strangely enough, there's an infestation of silkworms around my town. I'll post pics when I can, but they're everywhere! walking under the trees, you're bound to catch a few in your mouth D:

    Well, here we don't have earthquakes since we're far away from any tectonic plates, but we can have hurricanes...but at least with hurricanes, it's easier to track and prepare for since you know when it's coming.
    I can hardly even talk about the earthquake. I have a cousin who lives there, not to mention Wendy (I really hope she's okay). My god...did you see the videos? It's really scary.
    Oh, is there any variety in the teams? Like does most teams end up having almost the same Pokemon?
    They would tweak the sprites in the third version? Eh, they're at least not static. Oh, and gameplay updations like new abilities etc. Like the newer generations are a more "complete" version than the older ones.
    I love Avatar, so I didn't mind. :p

    No, I generally don't enjoy large write-ups. Smaller ones may be different. Worst, though, I hate debating Global Warming. Nobody understands a thing about it.
    I'm going to talk to Rayne about it, eventually.

    Nope. I don't intend to. Gah, writing those things can really grate on my nerves.
    ahaha yeah -- I think math and science are the most important jobs, they tell us how the universe works
    But I can't decide... should I blog about the blandness that is Iris or the blandess that is Sewaddle? That's the question...
    No, not like that. BW is an improvement over the older generations in that it has moving sprites, some minor gameplay updations etc. Going back to static sprites, one-time TMs is a real bore. :p

    I kinda like the trash bag...Oh, come on skype.
    Ya, I gave up on that a while ago and made the assumption that people would get used to it.

    Yeah, your normal distribution curve is going to be pretty uniform when your population is 2 >.<

    I like how that comment was obviously sarcastic, yet probably 50% of the people who see it won't get it XD
    Black/White is an improvement over DPPt so going back is boring. :p

    It could still have been better.
    *grumbles* and just when I got used to a hippowdown too...I...might switch back...or actually create a strategy based team

    For some reason, I'm having a hard time envisioning Ghetsis in the anime...his design is really elaborate, he'd juxtapose everyone around him XDD except Dento

    Don't worry, my standards have been molded for the anime anyways...so any hint would be good :p

    now to fend off the hatrz I still need to watch the eppie :p
    Of course not. I've played only 3 Pokemon games to date. :D

    It better evolve again soon. Tranquill's design sucks
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