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  • yeah I saw the statistics place XDD
    I'm pretty sure one of the developers came on BMGf, saw our conversation, and decided that you and I were a good sample population for development, so they threw in a statistics place XD

    (although the statistics they were finding were kind of... pointless.)
    (also I like how I use statistics terms in everyday parlance (sample population))
    Yeah, yeah...It still has crap weaknesses though :/

    How undramatic. I wonder if they can integrate them into the anime? :D

    Isn't it hawt? If we never see the bros' parents, I'll consider it confirmed.
    Nah, I don't like posting that frequently anymore. That was when I was active in World, Video Games, Out of the Box, Blogs, Current Events, The Grotto, and more active in Fun and Games. I couldn't possibly go back to all that.

    I'm making a game with Puppetmaster, though I haven't checked out the replacements, yet.
    Yeah... and it's not like Ash still has types he's never caught before... like Ghost, Rock, Steel, Psychic... no sir no...
    Well, costs in my government were running high, so I had to eliminate some overhead....

    I used to be much more active (For a time, I posted more frequently than Ryuutakeshi). When school started, I couldn't keep it up. Going invisible killed off the VM conversations, posting was easy to control, and I had few blogs worth posting anyways.
    I was annoyed with Shooty. I guess it's a good thing. I also loved how Ash defended Pokemon, he would make a good friend for N.
    I know, I thought it was funny in this episode. I almost expect it to be in the Burgh gym and be Junipered until after the 5th gym though...
    I could not love my avatar more if I tried. Mamepato is freaking adorable.
    Yeah. I liked how Pidove went all cheerful after managing to blast the bugs away and then suddenly evolved. :)

    It's also obvious that Ash's Unfezant will be better than Trip's one because the dex entry says female ones have better flying skills. :D
    I know, whoever this guy is, he needs to post more and make his opinions heard more. We really don't know where he stands most of the time.
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