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  • Eww what you're kidding right? Galaxy is a bar made out of wallpaper paste painted brown.
    No comment RE Mooland.
    (I'm not even a dog person.)
    (And, despite myself, I will give props to the anime if they actually go THERE.)

    How are the eyes?
    How is life on your end good Sir? Have you realised Mokuroh is the best or are you still quite and very delusional?
    Yes, haven't gone blind yet. Might do so if I ever see your face.

    You have to admit that the animé Mokuroh sucks.
    You've seen my face before, you butt! Besides, my beautiful visage would probably heal the rotten vessel you own for a body.

    No, I love it! It's like Mijumaru & Harimaron done properly. Goofy, but cute instead of irritating and stays out of situations instead of forcing itself into them <3
    I think mentally the sight was so horrifying that I have learned to repress the image.

    Just wait till we get further into the arc....
    Have you been to the M&M shop near Piccadilly Circus? I don't understand why that place exists and who keeps them in business.
    But Elekiteru is so 2013 :-/ Geez people are so regressive here!

    There are giant sweet shops on (?) Regent Street? Dude are you sure?
    Congratulations on making the cut, and also on finding your way out of an unfamiliar metropolis, bedazzled, in the dark and inside Doris. Next visit which doesn't involve you being blinded, maybe your kITERUguma senses will enable you to grab me for a hot/cold beverage.
    I have just realised something mind-blowing.

    Prepare yourself.


    Except for in this case replace "stealing highly valued item" with "dumping highly annoying items onto some unsuspecting mug" :p
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