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  • You should meet Lambda-sama! He is a great expert on explosives and programming, thanks to his father Pluto. He is also a quite funny guy and a great cosplayer. He can easily get into any role, even his own boss' Sakaki. He is quite easy to recruit, as he is just some guy who wants attention, from people who are screaming in chaos and from his co-workers. Besides, if I heard correctly he also was one of the teahers of Musashi, Kojiro and Nyasu.

    As expected. You deserve the most.

    Of course. Minun may tolarate hotness for a while, but Plusle are very weak, in more than one ways. They think they are the headmaster of show but they really aren't.
    I doubt champions, brains, Sakaki and Athena would bow(Ok, Daigo would definately bow if you have given him some loli pictures, Nejiki would easily fall for pr0n, and Lila would easily fall for Satoshi's attention). But Athena is quite stobborn, so the others. But that's what Gablias is for :).

    Hmm. I expected that. That was what Lambda-sama told me.

    Hmm, Plusle can easily get Urara's attention, but I'm pretty sure cooking him would be a lot easier than Minun.
    Hmm... But there are many challanges in that road, like champions, frontier brains, legends, Rocket-dan...

    Hmm, I'm not good at burning or destroying but that shouldn't take a lot of experience to have success.

    Minun scares the shit out of me... No wonder why would Hikari be fainted or Urara chose him... But being strong means that it makes a good, fleshy meal doesn't it?
    Aaaw :3!

    Anyways, I'm thinking of stealing Hikari's Mimirol, so Gablias could a get chewing toy, you would not have to worry about being the chewing toy and Pikachu would have gotten rid of a stalker.

    What do you think?
    Thank you thank you thank you I know you wouldn't be so merciless!

    Wait, what?! You said she lives in-

    Well, good luck for you two in life then :)!She is so going to kill you bro.
    That's a good choice. However Infight would lower your defenses so you would have to get out of here, wherever Urara lives.

    I believe she lives in her daddy's house, which would be Giygas' Lair.

    You do realise that if you kill me, you would get arrested, right?

    And you said would kill me if THAT happened, right? If it didin't happen, you will spare my life, right?
    Things are,

    1-Harley's Pukurin don't give a damn shit about her daughter, so you've got only one baloon.

    2-Baloon knows Hyper Voice and Gyro Ball. Do you think you can handle that?

    3-That was harsh. Very harsh.;-;
    Well, you wouldn't kill me, right?

    I mean, if Urara had a change of heart.


    I'm kinda too young and fat to die.
    No, Gablias hates socks.

    But Pukurin and Minomadam loves them.

    But Pukurin is Harley's Pukurin's daughter, which means you doomed either way if you had tried Pukurin.

    Minomadam, onn the other hand, would gladly give you her socks, if you could find a better sock to feed her ego or some poor little Gamale that she can molest.
    Wait, are saying that if I accept your friend request, does that mean I'm going to die in a few months?


    AWESOME! *accepts friend request*

    And I'm pretty sure Gablias would eat Hikari as a whole, as I doubt Urara would try to eat Hikari. Hikari is too sugary for her liking. So you wouldn't get any memento, maybe her socks or boots if you tried hard.
    Hikari's butchered face is not much enough prize.

    Hikari must be butchered as a whole. After that Jun must be captured and tortured for entertainment. I just read Urara's move plan she posted in her blog you see.

    And well, if Moukazaru CAN go apeshit insane, a Togepi CAN be more sadistic than Harley's Pukurin and J CAN die I'm pretty sure Urara can fall into positive emotions. This is D/P saga, everything can happen. Hell, Hikari might even use Emrit to give Urara ability to love.
    I'm pretty sure Urara would eventually learn to love. After she is hit by an Aura Sphere.

    I mean, show me a guy who had eaten an Aura Sphere in their ass and haven't changed for good!

    Aura Sphere will turn even the worst cases of inhumanity into care bears!
    You really need catch up a lot of news. Seriously.

    I also recommend you to watch DP 162's preview.

    No, as my name implies I'm a land shark. Though if we were to listen to my old name I would be a Magpie-jay.
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