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Recent content by Iteru

  1. Iteru

    Why do you think that Greninja were all cut in the Sun & Moon anime series?

    I hated Infernape and I hated Greninja lol It just sucked up too many of the important battles and too much time for me to enjoy his screentime. I'd prefer all the team got an average amount of attention rather than one of them getting most. I also never really got the sense that Ash and...
  2. Iteru

    The leaked SpaceWorld demo is real

    This Bulbapedia staff member seems to imply that they intend on making an article:
  3. Iteru

    Gen 8 Movepool Update Speculation Thread

    I'd be happy if Dewgong got Freeze-Dry (Lapras can get through breeding).
  4. Iteru

    Speculation At some point - does Gamefreak need to slow down on the production of new regions and Pokemon?

    I'd be more than happy for another company to produce the main series Pokémon games if Gamefreak can't meet the demands to an acceptable degree.
  5. Iteru

    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    Maybe later down the line we'll get field trips to other regions too? : D
  6. Iteru

    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    So soon? :P I doubt they'll pass over it. They had no problem dubbing Misty in the flashback for BW when Charizard returned IIRC. Plus if they want to keep the nostalgia train going, why would the dub pass over?
  7. Iteru

    Misty & Brock Confirmed for Pokemon Sun & Moon Anime

    I think episodes is better than the movie because it gives a chance to actually focus on Misty and Brock. They look pretty good in the art style.
  8. Iteru

    Bulbagarden All Site Staff Drive 2017!

    Yeah that's fine.
  9. Iteru

    Bulbagarden All Site Staff Drive 2017!

    Ignore the above post. It will vary depending on the quality of the candidates. Sometimes the decisions are easy and sometimes they aren't. I don't think it's wise to give an exact date because of that but we will endeavour to keep applicants informed as best we can.
  10. Iteru

    GS (no C) Virtual Console Thread

    Like a few others have said, I would go for Crystal if they were putting it as an option. I never got to play it, but I did rack up hundreds of hours in both Gold and Silver which are ultimately my favourite games from the franchise. I don't get why they're waiting till September to release...
  11. Iteru

    Mafia Pokemon Generation Two Mafia! [Night Eight]

    I got Future Sight from you. I was 99% sure you were Ho-oh after that, because no other Fire type can learn that naturally in Gen II. It's why I asked you to claim again without telling you how I knew as I wanted to give you one last chance to claim what you were really were if you were a...
  12. Iteru

    Mafia Pokemon Generation Two Mafia! [Night Eight]

    Vote: Rainbow Cloud Any chance we can have phases end when everyone votes/does actions? Aren't many of us left.
  13. Iteru

    Mafia Pokemon Generation Two Mafia! [Night Eight]

    If you want me to potentially unvote you then you'll answer.