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Recent content by Itsuki

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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    Cress wouldn't even react much I don't think. He'd just facepalm and continue what he was doing, because it's Chili and he DOES stuff like that 8U Or he'd tell him to get back to work and stop wasting time. Oh man, Chili would be the stereotypical husband-y figure there. Just like. Holding his...
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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    I think Chili would try to avoid talking about his self-esteem issues. :C Cress would have to friggin pull teeth just to get him to open up to him, but I swear to god when he does it'd be a floodgate of emotions.
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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    I bet you Chili 'accidentally' spills trays of food on fangirls who get too close to Cress. "Ooooh, Cress, you're so handsome~ you should come traaaaain with us~" "*SPILLS BOWLS OF SOUP* Oh, SORRY girls. Didn't see you there! My mistake. How clumsy."
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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    aaaaa babies Chili would SO whine about it too. "nooooooo my bowtie is fine :C" "it's crooked, stupid, i'm going to straighten it for you, you're a waiter not a ragamuffin." "im the best goddamn ragamuffin, don't even, Cress 8|" "yeah yeah, tuck in your shirt too."
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    Well it could be. :o whichever one you think is more fitting! ...in fact. you know what? Inferno...

    Well it could be. :o whichever one you think is more fitting! ...in fact. you know what? Inferno can be Burgh/Chili, RagingInferno can be Eusine/Chili. there i WIN :U
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    Obscure Ship Commiseration Corner!

    Yep! 'Cause I named it. 8D Bahahaha.
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    Yeah, preferably for Eusine/Chili if possible? ^^;

    Yeah, preferably for Eusine/Chili if possible? ^^;
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    How do you feel when the ship you named gets widely known...?

    I have a few. Absintheshipping (Burgh/Grimsley) is mine, as well as Appealshipping (Zoey/Dawn) and Masqueradeshipping (Lance/Will), not to mention Gleefulshipping (Emmet/Cilan). And a whole bunch of others that only me and my friends will ever use. :U
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    Omertashipping discussion? Anyone?

    Cress could probably take over a couple of Chili's duties if he feels Chili is overwhelmed or even just needs a little break. I'm not sure Chili would do the same in return since he IS pretty lazy it seems, but. Chili could probably make food for Cress if he notices Cress overworking himself...
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    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    Ooh, I got it! Braiseshipping. :D It uses dry heat to cook, then the food cooks in liquid.
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    Favortie Gym Shippings?

    Egoshipping is with Gary, and Gary is not a gym leader. Green/Blue is a gym leader.
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    Favortie Gym Shippings?

    Really? :D That's awesome! aaaah I love it when more people ship it. I really like it in the anime the most though, there's more opportunity for it!
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    Favortie Gym Shippings?

    Omertashipping (Chili and Cress, OTP and also it has its own thread here for those interested~) Hottieshipping (Morty and Brawly) Poshshipping (Burgh and Will) Frostedglassshipping (Chili and Brycen) Sighshipping (Bugsy and Tate) Earlyshipping (Bugsy and Falkner) Maplesyrupshipping (Cilan and...
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    Name It Game: want help naming your lonely boats?

    So I searched the list and there's no name for Pansear/Panpour? O__O; it's literally the only Pokemon shipping I support and it doesn't even have a name! (i was led to believe it was Sizzleshipping, but a quick check of the list said otherwise! o-o) Names for other combos of the monkeys might...
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    What will the second season have in store for Dent/Cilan?

    He should have an episode with Cress is what he should do. :I