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  • It turns out that "Underwater Fun" was actually used in Movie 9. It's when Manaphy finally hatches. I like to call it "Manaphy Hatches". Also the track "Overcoming Light" is part of "Manaphy finds the Sub"
    I have a question. In the episode, Steeling Piece Of Mind (japanese version), after Barry calls Ash on the phone, there is this short jingle that played when he looks at his Empoleon in the emergency room. The short melody kinda sounds like Oracion. Specifically it's at the 4:50 mark.
    I read the latest article at Pocketmonsters.net about content plagarism. Because I used the names of the BGM from the site, I thought it was best to delete my blogs. I don't want to feel like a chump for that. But I did save my biog contents on my Microsoft Word, so it's not a total loss, But I won't post it publicly. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    I discovered where "Regirock and Regice" came from! That track actually has been used in the movie! I was listening to some of the unreleased pieces from Movie 8 until I came across "Lucario Part Ways". The "Regirock and Regice" portion starts 46 seconds into that track. I guess it turns out it wasn't unused after all. :)
    I see, yeah we all get busy. Im just glad you still remember me lol, talking to you again.

    Actually i agree abut whole advantage thing needing to play influence in battles, i was thinking more along the lines how it shouldn't always be deciding factor making battles more believable. I mean if trainer use impressive strategy outsmarting opponent with his pokemon being well trained and resistant, i could totally buy winning against pokemon which has type advantage.

    Maybe its just me, but im generally more excited when watching battles where pokemon in inferior position struggle trying to outplay opponent with specific counters or brute force being too strong(i enjoyed in Charizard vs Blastoise in Johto league, or when Gardenia Turtwig defeated Ash staravia etc).

    But yea, you pretty much summed whole thing nicely.
    Hi mate, long time no see? You never call, never write i started to think you forgot about me lol.

    Watched some of your debate in that Dawn vs Iris thread , both sides brought some pretty cool points there. Though im not sure why you guys pay so much attention to "type advantage". One of messages in show is how with good strategy, smart use of attacks and if pokemon are really well trained even at disadvantage you can still win. Ok in games most of time if you have advantage you win, but anime kinda follows more realistic approach carrying out message from real life, how even if your in inferior position your still not ruled out. That being said even in games sometimes i managed to beat electric with water, fire with grass(even when both are at high level) etc. Very rarely but it happened.

    p.s. Sorry, just didn't wanted to go of topic there so i decided to carry out my thoughts on whole advantage-disadvantage thing in this way.
    Well I don't expect her to use her anime team in Smash, in fact the female trainer may just look like Dawn in appearance, so she may use either a Sinnoh starter team or a team of Gen II-IV starters.
    You need to understand that I've been paying close attention and studying the rosters of the three Smash Bros. titles for years now, and one of my conclusions is that Pokemon gets a new rep based on its popularity in the anime. Also, May does get another chance once the R/S/E remakes come into play.
    You don't understand. It has been my dream to see Dawn in Super Smash Bros. because I wish to her voice interacting with other Nintendo voices, and the fact that we need more female characters in the roster, but now that dream will be crushed because of Iris' rising popularity.
    Hi there. Just a quick update. I am currently fixing my "What was kept and replaced" blogs by actually inserting all of the BGM present in each episode and revising the names into English. I am done Johto League Champions and currently working my way to Master Quest. Again, I want to thank you and the folks at pocketmonsters.net for all the work you've done to make this.
    When I get to the Diamond and Pearl arc, I'll make sure to include all pieces of music that were present in the japanese version as well as listing the pieces that were kept and replaced.
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