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  • I wanted to pm you regarding a mafia but your inbox is full well hit me up when you have cleared it up k thanks bye.
    Add random links to your VMs!

    Commission some then! (Good to know.)
    I SAID I WAS SORRY what more do you want from me ;;

    Damn ovens why can't you just say 'grilling?' :I

    Haters. :B
    I would have said an apple because he already dressed up as one once. But your answer is much better. xD

    "srsly stitching on this thing was a pain in the ass"
    Assuming he had just one outfit. If so, he stitched it back together seamlessly each time, you can't even tell the thing was ripped/charred/whatever!

    I knooooooow. <3 And I see you liked "Paperman" too. What would you want in a sequel?

    Never, but ctrl + f on our whole conversation showed me that the last time we talked about horror films was April 2012. (i thought you would have changed for the better and grew to like them in that time. :bheart:) d'aaw

    F. U. Pritchett could be directed at any Pritchett, F. J. Pritchett is just directed at Jay. (I don't think I was really going anywhere with this. xD;) He's roughly my height.

    We gotta Run Away before they Detect us! DD:

    But he's Gotham's Dark Knight. Unless he's helping out the Justice League, then he's all over the damn place.
    I think Batman visits/would visit if Nightwing needs help.
    Awww. Interviews can be a bit intimidating. .__. Good luck with the rest of the process. Btw, you should drop by skype sometime! :)
    (Holy Flying-type Tangrowth we got this down to one VM again.)

    You got me there. .-.

    Make some! :D In the year 170 ASC. :D (Would you say it’s worth buying in print?)
    jjm i’m sorry you had to find out this way but i yam a mixed breed partaking in both cultures D:

    Mine has Preheat, Bake, Clean, Vari/Broil, Bake Time, Stop Time, Clock, Timer On/Off, Cancel, Top Light, Oven Light, and four knobs for each burner.

    I dunno what came over me with all that crazy talk. D: Forgive me pls. orz
    I’d say so. ^^
    Reasoning pl0x.)

    Oops, my bad. ^^; I’m not sure. They might have. Or they just ran out material and thought “hey it’s been almost two decades let’s bring ‘im back!!”

    Though initially popular, following a revamping of his origin by Max Allan Collins, the Jason Todd version of Robin was not well-received by fans. For 1988's Batman: A Death in the Family storyline, DC Comics held a telephone poll to determine whether or not the character would die at the hands of the Joker, Batman's arch nemesis. The character was killed off by a vote of 5343–5271. Subsequent Batman stories dealt with Batman's guilt over not being able to prevent Jason's death. However, in 2005's story arc "Under the Hood" the character was resurrected, […]
    That’ll be a fun day. xD “Oh dammit IS NOTHING SCARED ANYMORE?!? WHAT IS MY MOTIVATION NOW?!”

    but what if you like fantasy videogames? :eek:

    Er, I thought you changed your mind about them over the course of the past year?? Same, although nostalgia-bias may play a role in that for me.

    The new name made things better for Mitchell at least. xD

    Oh shi- don’t do anything to Attract their attention! D:

    But New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are the only US cities people know anything about and thus are the only ones worth mentioning, don’t you know anything? :rolleyes:
    Does Bludhaven count?
    But once you got said trailer you’d be left wanting more. :eek:

    The magic of Googling “Kyoshi without makeup.” :V Kyoshi being over two centuries old and Aang being frozen for a hundred years probably didn’t help matters. I still think if she was able to chat with any of them besides Aang, it’d be one of those two. (I haven’t. Yet…?)
    As does a decent portion of the fandom. xD

    Not any around here at least. Or if we do, it’s not referred to as such.

    I was speaking for all teh normal people. :p I think most shippers acknowledge that, they just don’t care and are having their fun.
    (If you look at the main threads in Shipper’s Paradise, like Pokéshipping, Advanceshipping, etc., they’re mostly kept alive by people posting random questions and other fans of the pairing answering them. Eg. “If May was a coconut, what fruit would Ash be?”)
    No no, they did kill him off, and for quite some time he was a member of the “three people who will never come back to life in comic books” club.
    A common expression regarding comic book death was once "The only people who stay dead in comics, are Bucky, Jason Todd, and Uncle Ben."[3] referring to the seminal importance of those character's deaths to Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man respectively. However, after the former two were brought back in 2005, the phrase was changed to only recognize Uncle Ben.
    u gtfo of here with your blasphemy wir is best q4 movie >:eek:

    That’s the name for this movie and it’s only one guy who’s smiling so my trust in trailer names has been weakened leave me alone ok >> Those are my favorites too! I’m not big on slapstick either.

    Yeah, that was sweet. :3 My friend had to point out to me that Joe’s initials spell out ‘F. J. Pritchett.’ xD

    Yeah, the construction workers outside can Pound their hammers as much as they want, those people won’t hear anything in there.

    Gotham is that world’s version of New York, to my understanding.
    New York Times journalist William Safire described Gotham City as "New York below 14th Street, from SoHo to Greenwich Village, the Bowery, Little Italy, Chinatown, and the sinister areas around the base of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges."[1] Writer/artist Frank Miller has stated, "Metropolis is New York in the daytime; Gotham City is New York at night."
    Would you really be cool with just a trailer? I think not. :V But hopefully the final product will be out by the end of this year at the latest.

    All we have to go on for that is fanart. I could see her chatting with Kyoshi and Kuruk. The former because of her way of handling many situations (or has the popular fandom interpretation of her being extremely violent and bloodthirsty clouded my view of her? It’s been so long since I’ve actually watched the episodes that mentioned or showed her), and the latter for his general attitude and for being a waterbender. Maybe. But like you said, Aang would the main person she’d converse with, for reasons we’ve already addressed.
    I’m excited.

    Aaaah I see, that would make things very simple. xD I’ve never seen that option on any of the ovens I’ve come in contact with, so I didn’t think it was one anywhere. But that’s what I get for assuming. >>

    When you get down to it, watching/playing this series is pointless, no? :-p I see shipping as a hobby that fans have, same as playing/reading/watching it in the first place. But to be fair I find discussion about the hints for those ships you’ve mentioned to be pointless. Nothing will ever actually come from them, unless we get a distant future finale at the end of the anime in 2052. If you want to use them to back up your reason for shipping the two, have at it. I prefer indulging in fanfics and fanart, or sharing headcanons. (Which…probably sounds just like a discussion. But it’s different in that the discussion isn’t driven by “what if” scenarios. If that makes sense. ^^;)
    Neat. :o
    I think the majority wanted him dead at the time, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t unanimous among the fans.

    WIR is best 2012 Quarter 4 animated movie. >:T

    IMDB lied to me. DDD’: Everyone is so happy in that trailer.

    Season 4 is almost over. The finale is set to air on May 22[sup]nd[/sup].

    Because they were in a Soundproof room. :U

    Well it is a very big city…jk, you bring up a good point. Still, I wouldn’t say that it’s out of the norm for the Batman franchise as a whole. Bats doesn’t leave the city too often, from what I’ve seen.
    That was a bit surprising, but again, 's all good.

    I’m sure they’ll give us one. Like, a month before it starts.

    Yep, I relish that short-lived period of time.

    Me too. xD I’d say that your theory is canon. As for Korra, I think it has to do her just not being good at the spiritual side of bending in general. She only started seeing Aang’s memories and speaking to him within the past 6 months (unless we get flashbacks of younger Korra that contradict that…pls Bryke gimme some flashbacks of young!Krew. ;;)
    Oh man, maybe the next series after LoK (it feels so odd to type that when we haven’t even started Book 2 yet) will be a prequel featuring the first avatar.

    An oven is more cumbersome like you said for such a task, imo. How about a toaster oven?

    It could happen like that. But it probably wouldn’t last long…I say this and yet I ship Pokéshipping and Contestshipping where the characters have had crushes on each other since childhood. xD It probably comes from people projecting what they would like to see in a relationship for themselves if they like the pairing, so maybe I’m biased because I prefer Zutara. You’re more willingly to forgive if you like the characters involved in the pairing.
    Yeah I prefer fanon!Makorra than what we got. Not that it was completely horrible, but…just, no Bryke, no, this will not make it up to the Zutara shippers.
    No. Should I?
    As long as they’re not blowing raspberries at me I’m good. :U

    That depends on if you like Jason Todd after he turned out to not really be dead.

    Just agree with me and everything will be ok. :D

    All the songs except "Solomanum Shoshanayum" were filmed in a single shot.
    Holy shit.
    I’ll have to keep an eye out for that movie when it’s released and subtitled on DVD.

    And holy shit part II, he did! And I didn’t even recognize him! I’m such a bad fan. orz

    Was that it? It’s a bit of a Snore tbh. :p Maybe you should have someone Assist you on improving it.

    To be fair the Joker did a bunch of stuff just to have fun with Batsy.
    Potentially. Nightwing does take up the role of Batman (for a year I believe) in the comics when Bruce appeared to be dead. I could see him becoming Batman or becoming Nightwing so that he can make his own path.
    damn dude way to hold up things. :p
    jk, it's taking me considerable amounts of time to reply to you too. ^^; 's all good, wallposts are fun to make, but they can potentially be monstrous to reply to.

    It looks interesting from the animatics that have been shown. That's not a problem. ^^

    Dammit everyone over the age of 13 is taller than me. D: It must have been her spiritual power keeping her around that long, because even if you have maintain a healthy lifestyle most people don't live into their hundreds.
    Did we already talk about how past avatars appear to the current one? Like I was wondering why Roku's appearance is that of his older years while other avatars like Yangchen, Kuruk, and Kyoshi look like they did earlier on in their lives. Heck even Aang appears as a middle-aged guy as opposed to how he looked when he died. (Since LoK is roughly 70 years after A:TLA, and Aang died 17 years before it started, he would be close to 60. He looks like he's in his forties in the flashbacks and the finale.) Maybe it just comes down to personal preference.
    Or maybe it's like the new! version of the original Star Wars trilogy with Anakin appearing as a young man in force ghost form. xD

    That sucks. D: Why no toaster?

    Wait I take back what I said sorta. From what I remember Sokka's loves were handled pretty well. Do more stuff like that Bryke!
    Yeah because that's the totally reasonable thing to do. -.-
    Relevant chart is relevant. What could have been if Masami and Borra happened... ;~;
    I think it got the right amount of focus, but we'll have to agree to disagree.
    ...oh snap. :O

    I refuse to become part of the herd on this matter! It is raspberries! >:O[/s]

    I see that too actually. :3c In a creepy-cute way. xD this was not a good point to go with the fandom on then. D:

    Agreed. I ended up getting that for Easter, but my sister ended up trading her gift for it, Wreck-It Ralph. Which was fine with me, because while I like RotG, I think WIR is the better movie of the two.

    Still haven't seen it. >>; One day...

    The very notion of you trying to Beat Up on me gives me a Roar of laughter. :U

    No, they just had people wearing Bane's mask.
    Having now watched TDKR, I can say I prefer TDK. I'm sure on a rewatch I'll be able to appreciate the foreshadowing involving Talia, and the idea of John Blake becoming Nightwing is neat, but...I dunno, that whole middle part with Bruce Wayne in the pit through me off, along with all the unanswered questions. @[email protected]
    They are going well, thanks for asking! Lots of work though, and I'm not even halfway done D:

    How are things with you?
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