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Recent content by J J M

  1. J

    The Situation Room 2.0

    Jackie Chan Adventures Mafia. I hosted it about 4 years back but I still love the idea.
  2. J

    The Situation Room 2.0

    Huh. Been a long time since I logged in here. How is everyone? :D Lot of new faces here keeping this place active, I see. So I've been thinking of remaking the first JCA Mafia with improved gameplay elements since I really really loved that idea. Maybe adding in some newer elements as well...
  3. J

    The Situation Room 2.0

    Huh, it's been such a long time since I last posted anything in bmgf. Hey everyone. How's everything going.
  4. J

    Starter Discussion

    Re: Starter Discussion and Speculation Of all the ways they could've taken Chespin's design, they had to make it look like Pignite v2...
  5. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

  6. J

    The 2013 War Room Awards

    Town Tier -Best Town Performance -Best Mafia Performance -Best Independent Performance -Most Sportsmanlike Conduct : FinalArcadia in general. -Most Entertaining Player : Master Mew in general. -Most Strategic Player Host Tier -Most Creative Host -Most Entertaining Host : DrumBeats...
  7. J

    Will Ash win the league in Kalos????

    Haha, good joke guys... Though I agree with the point winning a league doesn't mean it's the end of the anime. There are ways to continue with Ash still as the main character. But it's not like the writers care. Seriously, why anyone would watch Ash challenging gyms and going through all the...
  8. J

    When Ash reaches Pallet Town then what?

    During this, the narrator once again confirms for anyone who's missed it during BW that Ash is still as 10 as ever.
  9. J

    First thing that comes to mind when thinking of the User above

    Street Fighter
  10. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

  11. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

  12. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

  13. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

  14. J

    Google Image Search the Username Above You

    Title says it all. Google image search the username of the person above you and post the first interesting image you see.