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J Jay
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2:53 PM
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  • Hey J Jay! It has been awhile, and the main part of the subforum is fine if it's just a single code. What I'm trying to do is make it so the main part of the subsection is used for all quick and easy trades now. I know it's a huge difference from the old trade though. :/
    J Jay
    J Jay
    Thanks for the clarification.

    The reorganisation will take me time to get used to, but you either adapt or get warning points. I was thrown off by seeing nothing but LFs in the main subforum (I don't have a specific want for this code) but I'll put it in there.
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    Sorry for the late reply! Haven't been able to get on to check Bulba the whole day ^^ as long as they're from 6th Gen, I'm interested in any UT competitive legendaries, regular or event
    I think I already have a trade for the TRU Manaphy but I'd be very interested in everything else ^^ I'm crazy busy the rest of the week but hopefully I can get my hands on something you'd be interested in
    mez wans urz events tos lolz :p

    I will prepare to take over the world with my soon to be Gengar Army \(O.O)/ all hail
    Aye. Best to forget about it haha.

    Also sorry that the Remoraid is female, I only had two left and neither were male! Thanks for the Amaura!
    It appeared on my screen too. Sorry I cut off before Volcanion, but I kinda figured it wouldn't work if Hoopa already didn't. Thanks for helping me figure it out though!
    Awesome looking forward to it ^^

    I'm not 100% sure what Bulbagarden's stance is on linking to third party sites so I'll send you the link in pm
    It's no prob ^^ let me know when you can trade again and I can definetly clone for you. The good thing about having a sibling is full time access to their DS :p
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