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J Jay
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  • Sorry, I wanted to close it quickly so I wouldn't get anymore requests for one since I only had 15.

    But your welcome, I hope you like her. :)
    Sure why not. My FC is in my signature and not in my brain where it should be ... ah there it is: 1950-8754-3734, so go ahead and add me. Then when you point me to your FC we're all good (can't see it in your profile and Bulbaforums search engine is having a day off so I couldn't look at your signature easily).
    Hey redfoxlove, I'm not allowed to use PMs until I get to 10 posts, so what I have been trying to say through various means (!) is below. At some point it's going to have been less time consuming for me to breed a dratini myself ...

    Yeah, been trying to ask you for one of those lovely dratinis but my posts keep getting pulled for moderation (presumably as a newly registered member). So for the third time of asking today, could I get the female marvel scale x/31/31/x/31/31 dratini please? I've not been breeding much, but I have 4IV Heracross/Mawile going spare if you're interested. FC is 1950-8754-3734.
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