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J Jay
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  • I'd be interested in the other non shiny Arceus's and CoroCoro Rayquaza as long as theyre UT and don't have PS dates :) it would be a little easier on the thread or in pm since I get an email notification but whatever works best for you ^^
    Oh, sorry haha. Yeah whichever one you want / have more readily available I will take. I'm not picky!
    I have the Lugia. Not sure what that ho-oh is. I need most 10 ANIV so if you could, just give me a list of those and maybe link me to the ho-oh event?
    Yeah. Just wanted to make sure you didn't just give me back the Raikou. Do you have any other rarer events? I have one more dog from that set I could trade you
    Yeah, to pass inspection, repairs will only be $100 or so. But the long-term is the full $1500. Not going to bother fixing those though, it's just not worth it since I'll be selling the vehicle anyways.
    Just gonna eat dinner then I'll be ready. Well it has about $1500 of expenses I could put into it but just doing the bare minimum to pass inspection. I plan on getting rid of the car by the end of the year anyways
    I can give back the Meloetta. I have to go to class and get my car repaired first however. I just didn't know. I don't mind though. Just wasn't aware that was what was going on. I
    'll check back here later and see if you're available.
    Oh my bad. Didn't know I was giving it back since I wasn't getting mine back..
    ill be back in an hr from now

    List of movie event Pokémon - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia

    It's this one. minus the berry. i can't read Japanese so idk. It's the same as the Suicune or Entei I traded you before :)
    I just want one. Don't need to keep, can just clone and give you back the original. Let me know what you want in return!
    Thanks :) Yeah I have seen a few people who take events (very seldom happens) but it's smart for people to do it :)
    Best of luck finding another as well!
    Proof is a video of being at the event; seeing the 3ds getting/downloading the info. that kind of thing. not just "i have this on my game". does that difference make sense? There has been skepticism and criticism from sites like bmgf so that's why I'm really looking for proof now more than ever
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