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J Jay
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  • My apologies about yesterday. I had some unforeseen complications with the RNG, but she's ready. I can trade right now if you're available.
    Thanks a lot! Heatran will be ready shortly. It didn't occur to me that Heatran can be male or female, so which gender would you like?
    Will do. Let me just do the rest of my trades and I'll get it right back to you.
    I thought I had everything onto Pokebank but evidently I don't, sorry about that. I'll give you a shiny 31IV pokemon to compensate. I'm getting on now.
    So I cannot find Raikou. I can only find Eigakan Entei. Is that okay? I have a bunch of other trades waiting. It's the Entei from the same event. I know you said any would work earlier.
    Rummaging through all my games looking for the Raijou.. not sure where it is -_- Sorry about the wait
    I'll be right back. If it's not on my other save, give me a minute to transfer via Poketransporter. Im not going anywhere though!
    Ah alright. I'll be home in5 hoursfrom classes. Hopefully we can trade then!
    I'll add you as well :)

    I don't mind cloning the Pikachu. It'll only take a matter of a few minutes to do so. :)
    If you can get your hands on the Flying Pikachu again I can trade you another Dog
    Yeah the crown dogs.. but the Japanese versions of them. I can get you Raikou!
    Thanks! And yep Monogatari Series: Second Season, but either way you're pretty much on spot. xD
    Okay, yeah. If you can compile another list, that would be awesome :p And I will get this Pikachu cloned once you trade it to me and give you back the original copy. I was so disappointed when I learned the Pokewalker Pikachus couldnt be brought over to gen six :(
    So you have the level 10 one as well, alright. Do you have a 10ANIV Articuno / Celebi? Those are both old and I have both of them. If you have them both already, I'll keep looking around for one that you specifically listed.
    Serebii.net Eventdex - #385 Jirachi

    It's actually the second one from the top here, the level 10 shiny one. Do you have that one?
    It's PC Tohoku Jirachi, sorry. Got them mixed up!
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